March 2015: Candidate Secures Two Job Offers From GFI France as a QA lead and the other with AXA France as Salesforce consultant

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gfiVijay has done it again!

He secured his first Business Analyst role with Accenture and now he has helped his second candidate secure their role with AXA.

Just check out her success story:


Hi Keji,
 I just want to let you know that I have received my permanent contract today, to start on 1st of April. The date makes me laugh because in France the 1st of April is the traditional fooling day called “Poisson d’avril”. It’s like a prank but DBT has made it real for me.
The journey was tough but it’s all worth it. I did my one week intensive training in the last week of June 2014, after my training, I immediately got involved in projects in order to get my hands dirty. My first role was as a tester in the HMC2 project, after that, I was made QA lead in Epic. I continued to get my hand dirty by working as a deputy BA tech on Matrix. The experiences and skills I gained from these projects were invaluable and what helped me to perform well in my interview.
I went through different challenges last year but I never gave up. Please don’t give up on DBT no matter the challenge you face because it will eventually pay off. Mine paid off and I got two job offers at the same time one with GFI France as a QA lead and, the other with AXA France as Salesforce consultant.
I would like to thank all those I trained with in June of 2014, the “yes we can dynamic” team, Ackley Nsikak, Joykel Kpalobi, Chika Nworah and Toyin Ajayi (congrats once more). My teammates on the Epic project Gifty, Mary-Shelley and Joséphine.
Not forgetting the able team I worked with on the Matrix project Otillia, Tunde Ohioze, Adesegun Solanke and Rose.Thank you all for your patience and support.
Thank you Vijay for your interview techniques on DBT BA Group, Shola, thanks for your advice and for making me love testing (sorry Keji). Thank you also to Ola Ememerah, Uncle Robert and Olyne for your valuable contributions to my success today.
I give all glory to God and may God continue to bless you Keji for this platform you provided that enable people develop themselves and secure life changing jobs.
Merci beaucoup Keji!!
Have a lovely weekend.
Estelle Bilson

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