March 2015: Estelle Bags Two Job Offers After Completing Our CRM Project


FE01AC37-F6A7-B70F-D1F9F9FF52DE71A2Last year we decided to migrate from an old legacy system to a proposed and more robust CRM system.

Those who had completed their training then where tasked with the CRM migration project.

It wasn’t easy but they stayed focused and applied themselves. They where able to successfully analyse the best CRM platform to use and managed the whole migration and implementation process.

Today, those candidates are Salesforce CRM project managers and business analysts.

Today their job offers keep rolling in like it was a piece of cake securing it in the first place.

Check out the last two photos attached to read Estelle’s success story.

We told you before, we are not here to promise you miracles, you need a good bible believing church for that.

Right here! You work your socks off and then you see results. No pain no gain!

Don’t call us unless you are ready to work!

It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it.

Gain practical work experience in project management and business analysis working on live innovative project and you could earn up to £550 a day.

Don’t call unless you are serious:
0203 793 7731 OR 0203 793 7732

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