March 2015: Vijay Pays It Forward And Toyin Secures Her First BA Role


21701_10153092715124043_452075341320311732_nGrowth is when the candidates you trained, secure jobs and start helping others to secure jobs.

That’s what our 2,000 strong Eco-system is all about.

Vijay has been an invaluable member of our Eco-system. Since he secured his business analyst role with Accenture he has been coaching and mentoring all other candidates.

His first candidate has now secured a Business Analyst role.

Your success is guaranteed provided you are willing to do the work and subject yourself to the directions and guidance of one of our best mentors in the field.

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Check out Toyin’s amazing story:

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Dear Keji,
I am delighted to share my success story with you as follows:

I joined Career Insights in June 2013 and quickly got my hands dirty. I became the Business BA Lead that worked on the CRM project with Otillia as PM and together with the other team members we became the formidable team that delivered the Salesforce CRM.
After seeing a project from start to finish, I was very confident to start applying for roles towards the end of 2014 and Otillia was on hand to lead me every step of the way. she gave very useful guidance that proved very invaluable and I started applying. I had a few interviews that did not swing my way so I became downcast but quickly pulled myself together.

However this year 2015 when the mentoring service was restructured, I decided to take advantage and have access to all the available mentors which proved useful because they were all on hand to guide me. Vijay however took me as his project and honed his skills into me and Timi shared her practical professionalism. And Otillia’s support was unwavering.

I got called for this interview two weeks ago and told it would be a telephone interview. I went to the recruitment agency to do the necessary registration and took the interview call there, it lasted 45minutes. The agency said previous interviews had lasted no more than 15-30 minutes so they must definitely be interested in what I had to say and fingers crossed. (Timi and Vijay prepped me very well for this)
I got on the train and was going home when I got a call from the agency that the company would like to see me the following week for a face to face interview. Last week I went to the Palace and was interviewed by three people and they threw all manner of BA questions at me from process flows to stakeholder management and knowing how well VIJAY had prepped me for this, I was ready with my answers. I also had questions of mine for them which impressed them a lot.

Anyway, I got on the train again and was heading home when I got a call from the agency to say the first lot of feedback had come in and it was positive and they’ll wait to hear back fully by the following day.

The following day was Friday the 13th of March and it was my birthday and I eagerly awaited feedback from the agency and it came and after a preamble of about 15 minutes, I was told the company would like to offer me the role of a Digital Business Analyst working on a Digital work-stream project under a Change Programme and would like me to start in two weeks.

To say I am overjoyed is quite an understatement really. I have cried when people have shared their success stories on basecamp wondering when it would be my turn but it has come at the right time and God has replaced my tears with dancing and rejoicing. What better birthday present.

My thanks goes in no small measure to my entire Matrix team ably led by the formidable Otillia, Tunde Ohiose for those unrelenting technical sessions during the Salesforce implementation – the company uses JIRA and were pleased that I had the experience. Thanks also to Gifty Beckly, Buki Bada, Quinet Enakele, Biyi Adegbie and Chidiimma Okoli for all the support and motivation. If I have left anyone out, my heart thanks them immensely.

I am grateful to Olyne and Ola for ALL the BA mentoring sessions, you guys rock!! Timi for sharing her wealth of experience And lastly to VIJAY – he knows his stuff well and it works.

Keji, you are not the easiest to get hold of but YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Thank you and well done and God bless.

Toyin Ajayi

Project Manager
CI – The Matrix 2

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