Maximizing Unified Systems as a Digital Solution

As a business, you need to acquire insights on prospective customers, as result of this, you find digital marketing informing the decisions of the business, and in other too inform the business you need data, reinforcing the fact that data driven digital marketing is the way forward.

This means that in other to be able to be a lot more informed by data, it important to integrate all our channels and have a Unified System. All channels, including the digital marketing, needs to be integrated, unified, speaking one language- Organized Data, consistent information that is easily accessible through one centralized customer data center.

For example, Peter visits your website, and you are able track Peter’s IP address through his activity via the channels he uses to come to you, track his activity when he leaves your website, and all of his activities until he signed up to you. You now have enough information to convert him, you can now pass this information to sales, customer service, finance, support every relevant department basically, so everybody sees what Peter is doing.

The business is now better informed to decide on what products to upsell or cross sell to Peter. Because we now understand the kind person this customer is and the kinds of places he socializes in, you can now create a look alike version of Peter and tell search engines, social media or email marketing to show you more customers like Peter or show your products to more customers like him. Driving down customer acquisition cost and increasing online conversion rates.

Essentially, all of these will help you understand that data is a key factor and data driven digital marketing is the way forward, rather than just digital marketing.  You want to be able to gather enough information that will enable you make decisions like what to sell to customers, how to sell to them or even find other potentials customer just like them.

There’s a lot more to this, CRM is driving digital marketing decision making. The image below paints a perfect picture of integrating CRM with Digital marketing.  At Career Insights for example, eworkexperience, basecamp, webinar and digital marketing channels are all integrated into our CRM, that way we have a unified system and are more informed about our customers. This enables us to do a lot more in terms of business intelligence or customer intelligence by analyzing data that is available to us.


What does the work of a Digital PM or BA involve?

This role used to be occupied by someone who had experience in managing web applications, formerly referred to as web project manager or eCommerce manager, basically anything to do with web but that has evolved now.  Some companies might be in need of an eCommerce Project Manager or Web Project Manager and call it Digital Project Manager role.

Companies that are going through digital transformation, that are digitally transformed or major disruptors in the industry will be looking for digital project managers who understand not just Digital Marketing but Digital Transformation, Data analytics, business intelligence that will help them move towards having a centralized customer data center, which has now now evolved to what is now called the Unified systems in the industry. The image below depicts how the integration system has evolved to what now currently entails.

Explaining further what a Unified system entails, for example, you are buying a product on your phone, but somehow get interrupted and stop halfway, next time you go on same website on desktop, it picks automatically from where u stopped on your mobile so you can continue, that is a Unified System. Wherever a customer goes, as long as they are logged in, they should be able to continue doing what it was they were doing across any channel. This is an area where every digital Project Manager or Business Analyst should be looking at working on a unified system. Multichannel is partly connected not wholly connected like the unified systems.

Typical example of a unified communication system, everything is interconnected.


Multichannel on the other hand below is not fully integrated or connected to each other, just partly.

Multinational companies like eBay recently went live with the exact same model below, meanwhile, at Career Insights we already started using this same model, far back as last year. Amazing how so many large corporations are still trying to figure this out. With omni-channel, businesses can create data warehouse and plug in tools for automations, which is great, but the Unified system model offers even greater value and enormous savings.

Basically, every Digital PM or BA that wants to stay relevant now and in the industry in the coming years needs to build and perfect their expertise in CRM, Digital Transformation, Big Data and GDPR skills, because digital marketing is driving IT decisions with full CRM integration. Amazingly enough, with Salesforce CRM automation for example, no other analytical tools are needed because it’s all integrated.

These statistics proves that the opportunities are massive and what we are doing at Career Insights is empowering people to key into these life changing opportunities. If everyone at Career Insights got a digital role, it will be nowhere near 1%. Again, the opportunities are there, you just need to equip yourselves for it.


A very important factor is, driving solution adoption, because if people don’t use the tool, there will be no value added to the business, hence, amounting to waste of time, resources and possible loss for the business.

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