Meet Adeshola Cole, A Candidate Turned Mentor And Trainer Here At Career Insights


Since securing her project manager role with RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), she has been nothing short of a blessing to other candidates.

She joined the mentoring program last month and has since helped 3 candidates secure their own PM or BA roles. The best part, she helped her first candidate secure a BA role with RBS. The same company she works for. It’s all about paying it forward and Adeshola knows exactly what it takes to do that.

Here is her success story and 2cent on how you can become a Career Insights success story:

Hi Keji

All I can do is thank God for my amazing journey in DBT. I got my success story in August and it’s been an amazing journey ever since,with being a mentor and also training new candidates at the Manchester office.

I joined Career Insights in February this year and immediately got involved in a few projects . The turning point was of course being made the Project Manager for Tech Phoenix 2. As soon as I got my success story , I didn’t want my journey in DBT to end. I wanted to continue to help people and a few of the team members in tech Phoenix would ask for some guidance and hence my decision to become a mentor arose.

I have enjoyed every bit of mentoring people and helping them want to achieve success in their careers. It’s an amazing feeling. When I think of candidates success such as Sandra,Claire and Seun, it’s just an amazing feeling that I can’t explain.

With that being said, mentoring was just not enough for me and I “hawked” Keji into joining the training team. I’m so grateful Keji believed in me and gave me the opportunity to start training in the Manchester office. There’s nothing as rewarding as imparting skills and knowledge to the team. I enjoy every minute of it !

So …it’s pretty simple; work hard, continue to focus and with determination, success will surely come your way !


The best advice I will give all candidates is to get involved with projects. Put yourself forward for tasks, contribute in meetings and ensure your personal space on basecamp has a healthy mix of tasks. Put in the hard work and you will surely get your success story.

As mentors, we are here to guide , support and motivate you.We prepare you for your interviews, review your cvs and mentor you throughout your journey in DBT. But it’s clear to say, If you are lazy or haven’t put in the work, there’s not much we can do to help…personally,with all my mentees, I check Basecamp regularly to see what projects they’ve been involved in and tasks they have done..We then come up with action plans once I am happy with the amount of work they have done in projects.

Here’s to many more success stories !


We have attached the success stories of her candidates and she is expecting one more this week.

Here at Career Insights, it’s not just the high quality of training you receive but also the practical work experience on live innovative projects, using industry standard tools, being part of a 2,700+ ecosystem of professionals and more importantly, mentors who used to be where you were and now where you want to be, guiding you through every step of the way until you too can share your very own success story.

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Watch how we celebrated all our candidates who secured PM and BA roles in 2015:

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