Michael Secures A Role As A Change Analyst With a Leading Financial Institute


Hi Keji,

I woke up to see a missed call today 1/8/16 and I called back and behold it was the good news. The role is for a Change Analyst with a leading financial institution. it’s an hybrid role Adeshola will understand better.

I did my training April2016, though I had enjoyed several free sessions and 30days eWorkExperience before then.

I have attended several (upto 12) PM interviews before I joined Dbt. I saw Dbt on YouTube and asked DJ (he is my cousin) in the programme office about Dbt and he encouraged me to join, he gave me some advise which I followed.

After my training I joined FAQ bot (formerly Faq support) project as the Minutes team lead, I did one or two tasks for other projects. The minutes lead role gave me opportunity to learn almost everything I needed; stakeholder management (managing minutes team; its difficult to get ppl to take minutes), the PMO, and
Communication to and within the team.

I wanted to leave the platform but in Keji’s magnanimity he came up with the 6 months subscription at a token so I decided to remain as part of the ecosystem.

It got to a point that i was enjoying Dbt and didn’t want to apply for jobs, my current (now previous) job was not bad.

After I chose a mentor (Adeshola), I didn’t even talk to the mentor, she was the one that pulled my ear (stole that from Jide), she reviewed my cv, gave me tasks to do when I talk too much in the mentoring group which gave me better insights into some other perspectives.

I started having my success stories since my 3rd day into the classroom intensive training as I already did my gap analysis before I joined Dbt, the pieces were beginning to fall in place.

Since I joined Dbt I have been selected to coordinate small projects and be part of project teams in my current (now previous) role. Dbt has given me that confidence which is evident in my actions and attitude at work.

My advise;
1. Have a plan (1,3,6months)
2. Have a checklist of what you want to achieve in DBT (DJ’s advise to me)
3. Be focused (DJ’s advise to me)
4. Do your gap analysis
5. Have a book(s) for Dbt and write things down
6. Ask questions and make sure you understand how the pieces fit together.

I am still learning, new things come up in Dbt everyday and I am happy to be part of this wonderful ecosystem.


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