Mike Secures A Business Analyst Role With An Multinational Company To Help Modernise The UK Courts


Why are Career Insights candidates on top of their game, smashing job interviews and getting high paying contract roles?

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When we spent over £30,000 hosting our candidates to a black and tie event in 2014 and 2015, recognising them for their invaluable contribution to the successful deployment of our tech projects, some called it an ill advise move and that we were just throwing money down the drain.

We didn’t see it like that. We saw it as an opportunity to invest in people, rewarding them for their hard work and then further empowering them to be the best at what they had come become experts in.

Mike won the best Lead Business BA award at the 2015 DBT Awards and now he has just landed himself a big fat role. In your face critics. That should shut you up.

Check this out:

My name is Mike Osunsina I want to share my success story. I started with DBT in November 2014 but I didn’t start participating properly until March 2015 because I was unsure of what career route I wanted to go down between project management and business analysis.

Once my decision was made to be a business analyst the first project I joined was CM-Exodus and I started to get my hands dirty by grabbing a role on a reporting team and started to learn all the reports during the project stages. As I was doing this I was learning and watching all the BA tutorial videos and waiting for my chance to get my hands dirty on BA deliverables.

I was part of the team that created the business case for CM-Exodus, which you were really happy with. Once I got a taste of that I started applying for positions as a business analyst on DBT’s projects so I could be a lead and apply all the tools I’d learned. I applied a few times before I landed a role as the deputy BA Lead with the Tech – Phoenix 2 project. I was able to see this project through from the conceptualise stage all the way through to deployment it was the best experience ever because it gave me the technical skills and knowledge to start applying for roles. I had the Mentorship of Sandra Iroka and Adeshola Cole to guide me.

I was awarded the best lead business BA at DBTs 2015 Awards this furthered my confidence to ace an interview. The interview process was tough to start off with the first two companies I interviewed with I didn’t get pass the first stage but with my drive to continue to learn and not accept failure as an option I was successful with the third company I interviewed with after passing a rigorous three stage interview in January 2016.

The name of the Company I withhold for now due to a few things that need to be finalised but they are a multinational company that specialises in intellectual information and I will be working as a Business Analyst for their court management solutions in an effort to modernise the UK courts. I want to thank Toyin and Olyne for helping create my CV. I want to shout out the whole Tech – Phoenix 2 team Bolanle, Mohamed, Ben, to many names to remember but thank you all.

Keji thank you for helping propelling us to the next level of our careers through the Career Insights training and Digital Bananas Technology practical work platform. Advice to everybody that still hasn’t secured a job yet, keep pushing and learning and your job will come its all timing and determination it took me nine months of consistent learning and practice to land my role. Listen to Keji and follow the step he has outlined from the beginning and you will get your job.

Kind Regards
Mike Osunsina


Mike has done it and he is telling you, you can do it too. We are only as successful as our most recent success story and this just came in.

Let your success story be the one that inspires others to succeed just as Mike is inspiring you right now.

The year has just started. Make it count!

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