Modupe Is A Mentor Here At Career Insights & Here Is Her Success Story

modupe yusuf

I joined DBT, May 2015, knowing i wanted to be a Business Analyst, with Prince 2 and BA Certification but lacking the relevant experience to secure a BA role.
Got involved in various projects, within BA/QA lead roles, gave 110%, stretched myself and family life with late night meetings and project deliverables. My husband was very skeptical at first and did not take to the late night meetings and how heavily involved i was as a lead. But i knew what my goal was and working on live projects, giving different presentations on behalf of the various teams i worked on, really helped my confidence. I spent time making using of the BA tools, available, including, confluence and Balsamiq, till i got a grasp of what was required to be an excellent BA. I soon progressed further to win an award at the DBT Awards ceremony, then i started working with mentors, first Olyne and finally Dan Asuzu, who encouraged me to work on my cv and begin applying for jobs, i went for 2 interviews, with lengthy processes but they were a stepping stone and confidence boosters, my third interview was a work-over, as i was made an offer less than 1 hr after the interview. My husband became a believer in the DBT framework and the whole idea after i secured my role as a Business Analyst with a reputable University in the Midlands and i have since assisted a few people who have contacted me to prepare for interviews and cv review. I have their success stories to be proud of and glad i found out about CI, despite skeptics, i followed through to achieve my goal of becoming a BA and return to CI as a mentor and SR BA within DBT’s Program office.
All you need is a goal and determination, plus of-course the hard work to get a success story….. keep getting those hands dirty and you would be glad you did.


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