Life is tough. You need to get tougher.

Things may not always go your way, find another way.
Relying on people is always a risk, accept it and always have a plan B.

If you can, stay away from the noise while carrying a vision. Most especially negative noise.
This way you avoid disappointments.
You will first have to let people in before a betrayal.
Choose your friends wisely. It’s less work when you have no more than two.

Remember, you are not lonely, you are just alone on this glorious path to greatness. Get busy putting trying in a loop until you get it right so you and don’t get bored.

The road to the top is a lonely one and he who puts his trust in man is cursed.

Let your Maker be the kickstarter of your journey and he will see to it that you finish the race in first place.

Those who will help will help, those who will not, well, you will not need to ask for their help in the first place.

It’s not pride when you know your value, it’s you being proud of your Maker and yourself.

If you don’t appreciate yourself, you will depreciate full stop.

It’s too much power to let someone who has not reach their own destination and in most cases don’t even have direction, tell you why you wouldn’t reach yours.

Most people will advise you based on one of two things:

1. The limits they place on themselves
2. The heights they have reached by removing limitations.

Take heed to the latter.

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