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There is a massive difference between not knowing which one to go for and being informed about the best one to go for.

Do you need to get qualified? YES!

Can you get a high paying job without qualifications? YES & NO

Why are you confusing me? No we are not. You can get a job with valuable experience even if you don’t have the paper qualification. What you have is the qualification of invaluable experience.

When they hire you, they will most likely pay for your paper qualification.

Think smart not hard.

We just had another success story:

“Hello Keji I’ve got a success story for you.. I’ve just secured a role at a company called BCS. I’m hoping to get a reference from you.

Hello again. I’ve secured a role as a compliance administrator with prospect of training as a project coordinator. Within BCS
I’ve been taking part in RAIDs regularly, familiarising myself being the Pm, Pmo and coordinating and facilitating roles.

Thanks in three months my agent will be putting forward for the project coordinator role.

They were very very impressed when I mentioned DBT!”


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