Must Read! Some Say “I Can’t”, She Says “I Can!”

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I can!


The most inspiring story on Career Insights. She worked her way up to the program office, organised last year’s 2015 DBT Awards and now she has a success story to show for it.

Glory Be to the Lord Almighty, Most Merciful!!!I am a firm believer that its God’s timing that gives grace and success. Have always imagined myself writing my success story because of this beautiful training platform and ecosystem. (Apologies guys, it’s a long one).

I joined DBT way back in 2013 (pff) and like most of us; I was interested in how quickly will I get a job. Was referred by a good friend that just moved to the UK with her family to get her MBA degree and said you need to be on this training am doing. I took up on her advice because of her dedication and hard work back in when we were in university together in the UK (her name is on our management strategy document – Funto Fatokun Akinbisehin).

The following week called the office and went for one of the weekend induction and was sold. My first training day with Keji, he asked, “why are you here”? I said I have the educational background but lack the practical training. To which he replied, you are in the right place. Took in the training, did my first presentation in my training (my voice was all over the place) but managed to finished. My first project was EH –Reach 2 (looking through my old notes as I write my story), immediately started as their minute taker, joined in meetings at night (a bit active and hands on) cause I was so determined but at the time my mind wasn’t full committed to the whole process. Unfortunately, I had to stop my training due to personal reasons.

Still subscribe to career insights email, sometimes just dismissed the email without read its content. One morning, Otilla’s success story caught my eyes and I said to myself, wow, need to get myself back on this platform. So, I rejoined DBT in 2015, this time I said to myself “Must give it your all “. The first project I joined was CI – Referral 2 (already in their Implement & Test phase), where I met Nelly Mghanmi & Terence Ndikum (my buddy) on my first meeting with the team, Nelly asked who is going to take the minutes and she just called my name out of the blue and I jump to the chance. The next morning, we got acquainted and she said do all your best and keep focus. After few weeks on the project, I was asked to be a BA facilitator (I said, YES), soon after was asked to take over their Scrum meeting with Anton (did so for over 2 months). My next project was CM-Exodus, told Nelly when she asked me to join the team, that I will be bringing my “A GAME”. Started as the Deputy Raids lead then took the post as the Deputy BA business lead, working along side my good friend Kenneth Johnson, all the late nights working with Matthew, Ariella, Funmi Ayorinde (my sister), Josiah, Amanda and team (Keji said to the team when we presented our business case that was an aced work the team had done).

Unfortunately, our project got halted during our implement and test stage. Nelly being Nelly said to us, don’t give up keeping working towards your goals and join other projects. As soon as this happened, I went back to CI –Referral 2 project got my hands dirty writing any outstanding reports (just wanted to keep going). Also joined the Phoenix Project under the management of Adeshola Cole aka Mama Hawk. Though I wasn’t active on the project but will attend some meetings (especially the planner’s meeting with Bolanle Akinbolu) and contributed by writing reports. After being quiet for a while, I joined the Oscars Award Website and the Event planning projects, thanks to Nelly’s adviced. Again, I was altered and ready to get me hands dirty. These projects completely took me to another level, the team were so dedicated, focus and ready to work at any time. On these projects, where I meet those I highly considered as family and good friends. I worked with the likes of Doris Randall (my personal person to the max), Hammed Sule, Ufoma, Dorothy, Sylvia and Afolakemi.


They were all new candidates and always ready to work at any given time. Glad I was part of such a committed and wonderful team spirit (we were recognized for our work on the Awards night). The Event Planning Award project was different ball game, were I was the deputy project manager, worked with Nike Taiwo (such an amazing and loving person) always bringing out the best in me and telling me off when needs be, “madam you report isn’t right, make the necessary corrections”. Also, working along side Remy (my brother from another mother & brilliant man), Toyin, Titilayo and my tech teams (John, Joseph, Daniel and Edward). Everyone worked tirelessly to make the award night a success. After the awards, Keji asked me to join the DBT team and be part of the family, which I gladly accepted. At this point all I could only focus on was working harder.

My final group project was HT-Focus (slapped it on my CV like “What”), my team were the craziest of all teams. Love these guys to bits, even when there were so much drama on this project but with the dedication of Ursula (always looking out for me), Bello (oga Bello), Emma, Karo, Caroline (my gist paddi), Lawrence and my dear friend Bunmi Docemo (committed to whatever she sets her heart on). Before the completion of this project, the biggest challenge was moving on to fill in the big shoes of this wonderful person – Nda Sokomba. He took me through the process, always giving me the support and help I needed. So guys here its, giving it all your commitment, love for what you do, work hard to what comes natural to you, be kind/ respect the people you work with and with the grace of God the fact that you are on this platform, its already a success written for all.

Finally, my biggest thank you is to these wonderful people that have mold me, make me work harder, make me want to come back fighting when they give me hard criticisms in my work. Ola and Emmanuel, you guys truly are an amazing bunch with your dedication and support to everyone. To my mentor Adeshola Cole, your true support and guidance to your mentees is second to none. Thank you for your kindness and love. To my Programme office team, thank you guys for believing in me as your Programme Manager and ready to work with me, with full support and loyalty. You guys rock to the max and all your dedication and hard work to this platform will soon come to fruition. To Adore and Caroline, you ladies are the most precious gift I couldn’t have asked for in my life. You have welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to keeping going, even when I have other personal issues.

I will forever be grateful for your kindness, love, warmth and support. Mr Keji Giwa, this is my pray for you (from the holy Quran): “Those you spend their substance in the way of God is that of a grain of corn: it growth seven ears, and each ear hath a hundred grains”. God will continue to give you in manifold increase (Ameen). Marufah AlaoDBT Programme Manager

The Oscars Tech Team

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