My amazing journey to securing a GDPR Business Analyst role

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I have always said that our candidates who secure roles don’t have two heads, meaning you too can do it. After doing their time of hard work, that is when they get their success story, all they did was get over their fear and get started on their journey to success. For this candidate, after securing her success story, she agrees, and knows now that ‘each one’s journey is determined by oneself and all you will ever need to succeed lies within’. Again I say Yes, you can. Within Career insights is the community spirit and all the right materials that you will need to grow.

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Evening Keji

Trust you are well
My name is XXX XXXX just to inform you I just secured my first contract role as a Gdpr business analyst

I first joined the platform December 2016.
I have been involved in diverse projects throughout my journey amongst which are FHF, Basecamp integration,epay,Tapify, to mentioned
but a few.
I learnt early on in my journey that relationship is the back bone of success and forever grateful to friends who push me out of my timid, scared :frowning: comfort zone.
Modupe Akingbein, bolanle, NKeiruka, Mary osinowo, Eki, Agogho, Doris.
I also want to emphasis that you need mentoring from people ahead of you in the journey of acquiring knowledge and my success will not be complete without mentioning George Odile, Josiah Famurewa.
My advice is each one’s journey is determined by oneself and all you will ever need to succeed lies within.
The materials are available draw from it and tailor to your needs and above all engaged and learn as you practice daily in projects.
The easiest place to get your hands dirty is by taking minutes of meeting it sharpens your writing skills so do not despise it.
My prayer is that each one will achieve their success.
And finally thank you Keji and DBT this is just the beginning as knowledge is always relevant and I remain a student.

Still learning but glad to be going into the real world

Our candidates don’t have two heads. The only difference between you and them is the knowledge, understanding and wisdom (experience) we impart them with that equips them to go out there and secure high paying digital roles with earnings as high as £800 p/day.

All it takes is a decision, dedication, commitment, focus and we’ll empower you too for career success in today’s digital age.

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