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Good Evening Keji

Please I’ll need a reference for the period of June 2014 to January 2015. I have been offered a service analyst role with a government organisation and need to go through the security checks.

I joined Career Insights in March 2014. After my intensive training I took a while before I finally got involved in the CI Mentoring Project (Project 24). The experience was instrumental in helping to land a BA contract which I completed some time ago. I have moved on to service management roles afterwards, but I have found the foundation knowledge in business analysis extremely helpful. And being able to understand how business analysis fits into other aspects of IT has been valuable in being able to keep up in meetings. About two weeks ago I got called for a new role. I had the phone interview on Wednesday and was quickly booked for a face to face on Friday. The Friday interview ended up being a quick overview of programme plans and the direction it is heading in. The business change manager was impressed by my understanding and knowledge and I was asked to start the role last week. Please keep me anonymous as I need to undergo security checks due to exposure to sensitive information.

Kind Regards


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