My guys are counting up to £850 daily rate, are you still counting the cost

Remember, think 10yrs from now, everything you do, every decision you make must be based on how you see yourself in 10yrs.
When it’s based on your circumstances you impregnate that circumstance with more circumstances.
For example, I must retire in 10 yrs. I must be financially free in 10yrs.
So every single decision I make now is not based on my problems and issues. It’s based on where I see myself in 10yrs.
Hence, I left UK to come and establish in Nigeria knowing it could literally end me if I mess up.
But I focussed on the opportunities it creates to help me achieve my 10yr goal.
I still have to pay my bills in UK and now in Nigeria. Before God and man I am literally broke every week bc I am constantly investing but I will rather suffer today for a better tomorrow.
When it comes to paying for what will increase me, I don’t think twice but when it does to paying for what will take away from me, I a dead stingy.
Keji let’s go on holiday — I am thinking that money will pay part of a house I want to buy.
Last year I closed my eyes and partnered with DMI costing me £30,000. Today I don’t regret it.
Last year I closed my eyes and paid over £10k for digital transformation materials, today a great deal of you are thanking me for it today and I bought my business 3 more years of shelf life.
This year I closed my eyes and got a data scientist onboard for data science training because I know he is the future and I am the past.
Today I am shedding work on to leadership to redefine the company because I am focusing on Digital Landlord, My Exit strategy and also for those who can see the future.
My gift of foresight and the ability to to empower others has made way for us all and I thank God for it.
Now please take this seriously. You really have less than 8 weeks to realise you either made the right choice for 2018 or you are going to regret it.
Read everything I have said. Go and do your own research. Carve out a plan for your future and stick to it.
Build your digital expertise. For now grab on to GDPR, digital transformation, digital marketing — data driven and data analytics.
Spend what you have to. Count the opportunity and not the cost.

Hello Keji. Good news. This will be my third job after DBT. I have been offered a fixed contract PMO role with Capita. I will be involved in a project similar to what I have been involved in the past in DBT. Please keep me anonymous for now and please expect reference from them covering Sept 2014 to June 2016. Though I am still with DBT, however not very active. I must sincerely confess. Thank You!

Words of encouragement to others — There’s nothing like stepping into an organisation and you are informed and you see that the power house of a central PMO in a unit happens to be a DBT product. Yep there’s a DBT product who is the go to person. People, DBT is real what you learn moulds you for the real world! Thanks to Keji et al!

Be Inspired

DBT product works with Capita. Planning Consultant in a central PMO team. Her name XXXXXXXXXX

She joined Sept 2014 and she got this job March 2016 prior to this role she had worked in other organisations ( Virgin and Gatwick)

Yes. Sorry for the confusion. But really she is a DBT product. She is good. Directors look up and listen to her.


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