My Journey With DBT has Taken me to a Point Where I Earn Tripple What I had in Previous Roles

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“Hi Keji — I just want to share with you my story since joining DBT in the summer of 2015.

After being made redundant from a company that I had been in for many years, I then spent the next few years doing a number of small Business Administration temp jobs that didn’t provide enough stimulation, job satisfaction or remuneration. When I heard about it, I jumped at the chance to do training with Career Insights. Although I already had my PRINCE2 Practitioner certification I had not had a chance to do much with it, so the training was invaluable.

I enjoyed the on-site classroom training and found both Keji and XXXX XXX to be entertaining, very passionate and knowledgeable about their craft. The most important aspect of this for me was that I saw how it should work in the REAL world as opposed to just how it works in theory. I built on this foundation and cemented my knowledge and experience over the next 8 months by working on the Transcend project. XXX XXXX was PMO Lead at the time and encouraged me to get involved and “get my hands dirty” which I did. I worked with XXX, XXXX XXX, XXX XXXX and other stellar project members. When XXX needed to take a step back from the project, I was pleased to be asked to become the PMO Lead which I did until the project was halted and the holiday season came around. I took minutes, assigned tasks, wrote and reviewed reports, facilitated meetings, edited process documents — this list of activities cemented my experience and gave me the courage to apply for similar jobs.

I went on to apply for both permanent and contract roles as a Project Coordinator which I would not have had the ability to do without the professional training and getting my hands dirty. This was not a swift process but it can definitely be achieved if one is prepared to put the work in. In my most recent contract, within a month of being there I was promoted and my rate increased substantially to a point where I was earning up to triple what I had in previous roles.

I really want to say a huge thank you to Keji and the team for providing the platform that made it possible for me.

Hope you are well. Things have been amazing for me since finishing my active participation in the DBT programme. I have continued to be a Project Coordinator, so far performing both permanent and contract roles, being the direct support within my companies for clients such as Ministry of Defence, KPMG and other blue-chip level businesses and organisations.

I have just been offered my latest contract role as a Project Coordinator with another central government department and because it is a very thorough client, they wish for me to provide a reference for my 8 months as an intern at DBT, which is the reason for my email. I have already been interviewed and tested and have received my offer from them. Is it ok for me to provide the recruitment consultant with your details, so they can request a reference for my DBT internship period of June 2015 to January 2016?

I worked primarily on the ‘Transcend’ Project, where I provided project support and maintained controls through each phase of the project life cycle. On Basecamp you will notice that I supported the PM and ensured that the project documentation and processes were up to date. I facilitated and chaired RAIDs meetings and updated Risks, Issues, Assumptions and Dependencies logs and gave project updates.

I also prepared and reviewed meeting minutes and other reporting documents, updated the project documents including the Communication Management Strategy, Communication Plan, Quality Management Strategy, Risk Management Strategy and Project Governance documents, uploaded the project documents to Basecamp and backed up Basecamp files to the shared project space as well assigned and tracked weekly project tasks and reports.

My PMO Lead and a colleague, that I worked closely with for much of this time was XXXX XXXX, also XXXX XXXX the Project Coordinator and XXXX XXX as Deputy Project Coordinator. Within our Transcend Project, I myself eventually became PMO Lead under the Project Manager XXX XXX until the Project was suspended. This is the experience that has allowed me to become (now) a very much sought-after Project Coordinator.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope you will find it possible to allow me to pass on your email address, so as to facilitate the reference enquiry. I’m not certain if this is the best email address to use for you, but it is the one I was most familiar with whilst on the project.

I look forward to your earliest response with thanks.

Kind Regards”

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