My long awaited success story is here! PMO Analyst Role Secured

May I please request to be kept anonymous on all external platforms.

Hello Keji,
I give GOD all the GLORY for my long-awaited SUCCESS STORY!!! I got a job as a Lead PMO Analyst at one of UK’s leading insurance companies. I am elated and cannot stop leaping for joy! This is the LORD’s Doing and it is soo marvellous in my eyes.
I joined the platform in March 2017 and got involved with projects such as FBN Website Revamp, Salesforce Automation, Salesforce Optimisation, ePay and Governance.
I took absolute advantage of all the PMO resources as best as I could and these worked for me brilliantly.
Keji, I am thankful for all your prayers and prophetic words over us on this platform. I am also grateful for your mega vision and this wonderful platform. I pray that the Lord will continue to empower you with more innovative, unique concepts, visions that will continue to help equip future generations.
I must also acknowledge my great husband’s never-ending support during my lowest moments. I am grateful to him and my lovely children for bearing with me at times when I became so irritable and ‘flew off the handle’ because I focused so much on ‘doing DBT’.
Thanks to my dependable sources of information when I needed them, the almighty, lovely Caroline Aluko, Morufa, Grace Peters, Tosin Sotuminu, Shola Oshiyemi, Ade Driver, Uchenna Adimonye, Ade-Ola Badmus and Olawale Fashola.
I wish every single candidate on this great platform, all the best and I pray that for those awaiting their success stories, they too shall leap for joy soon by God’s Grace.


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