Nelly Secures A 12 Months Contract As A Project Manager While Still Leading His Team Here At DBT


Here is why joining the DBT ecosystem of 2000+ strong PMs and BAs will do wonders for your career:

1. Nelly joined Career Insights intensive hands-on training program in project management and business analysis earlier this year.

2. On completing her training program, she joined the DBT ecosystem managing live innovative tech projects.

3. She took advantage of our e-learning platform with performance tracking KPIs and got assigned to Otillia (a former candidate who is now a CRM project manager in the city) as her personal mentor.

4. She secured her first project manager role with Cambridge University within 12 weeks and continued to gain practical work experience.

5. In Less than 3 months, she secures another PM role closer to home on a whopping 12 months contract paying big bucks.

Guess what? She is still part of the DBT ecosystem working on the CM Exodus project as the project lead and paying it forward by helping her fellow candidates.

Read what she had to say to her team:

Team, I am leaving Cambridge University next week mainly coz of the 3hrs drive per day which has been affecting my quality of life and depriving me of quality time with my family. I had an interview today at Essex County Council for an IT Project Manager role at 12noon and got the job offer at 1224pm. 12 month contract. The office is 15mins walk from my house…..Everything l am learning in DBT came in handy, the knowledge sharing sessions Exodus has been having came in handy. Do not take this platform for granted…


Now read her success story:


Good day Keji
I am changing jobs and coming closer to my home. The only reason l am moving from Cambridge is because of the 3hrs a day travelling nothing else.

I got offered a 12month fixed term contract by Essex Cares Ltd, an Essex County Council owned company as an IT Project Manager. They need confirmation that l have been with DBT since January. Shall l give them your email address.?

Many thanks for the amazing job you are doing to assist pple improve their lives
Nelly Mhangami
CM – Exodus


Women here at Career Insights rock!

As women begin to take center stage within the world of project management, we are extremely proud to be adding to those numbers.

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