May 2015: Nengi Secures A Project Support Role With The NHS

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Hi Keji,

My time has come!!!. I attended my Training at Career Insights first week in January. Prior to attending the Training I had gotten two certifications in project management but needed that practical experience. I got involved in 4 Projects starting of with Project Transcend as Project Coordinator and Hair Spray. I Have also been fully involved with Skyfall and Oscars2.
I also subscribed for the mentoring programme.
My experience working on these projects as well as the mentoring has built my confidence and enabled me to Ace my interview.

To be honest I attended quite a number of interviews which I was told I was a strong candidate but didn’t  secure the role. I didn’t give up and knew i needed to put in more effort.
This role came as a shock to me because it was just based on a telephone interview and was asked to start Immediately.
I just want say a Big thank you to God and Everyone in DBT who in one way or the other have supported me .
I specially want to thank my group in Career insights( Golden group), the members of the various projects i worked in, My mentors especially Timi Iworima and my very own Paddy girl and training Coordinator Ibiye Asechemie.
Expect your Vintage Vine soon…
God Bless

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