Never Make Decisions Based on Other People’s Failure. Obviously Right?

“Good evening Keji finally got the job today . Thanks for this platform

Thanks Keji, its with Peugeot

Good morning Keji, I will be needing a ref, however I have got just 3 days to go with my subscription and at d moment I dont have enough cash to get more subscription, I will be giving the agency ur name as a reference and will let you know once it has been sent. Thanks

It will be for a PMO Officer pls

Sorry Keji, yes I just started the job and I was previously informed it was a project Support coordinator role, now it seems to me that it is PM/BA role together”





“A massive learning point for me today. Just spoke to a candidate who just secured a £550 a day job as a BA. Unfortunately they don’t want to post their success story yet pending checks but one thing he said struck me.

Now I will try my best to paraphrase exactly as he spoke to me on the phone:

“Before I came to DBT, I had two friends who came to DBT, one secured a job in 4 weeks, £350 a day I was convinced it was right for me. I started DBT, paid my £760 but then 4mths later I had not gotten a job then I met another one of my friends at a party who said he joined DBT and nothing came out of it. He works at Sainsbury’s still stacking shelves. I was about to give up when I read George’s success story, the £850 p/day guy then I read a few more in that month and I just told myself, that I am going to get my own success story come what may. These guys doing it don’t have two heads.

So o decided to join projects related to what the market was paying for. CRM, big data everything. To God who made me I did my CV after watching your killer CV video and my phone started ringing off the hook. All about digital transformation and thank God I soaked it all in.

Last week I was called for an interview, once again DBT came up. What is Digital Bananas all about. I blew them away with our DX project and today they just called me to offer me the role. 6mths contract paying £550 as a Digital Business Analyst. ”

Two important things I learnt from what he told me:

1. Never gauge your success based on how quickly others succeed. Your time will come.

2. Never make decisions based on other people’s failure or you might just become one yourself.

You are not here by mistake but by design. What you put in is what you get out. Focus on the end goal. Rub shoulders with Alumni but don’t use their timing to judge yours.

Stay away from those who complain and are making no progress. People working on their success story don’t have time to complain because they are too busy making progress.

I will say this again because I have seen it work consecutively for 3 years and this is the fourth year. Get your DBT Awards ticket, get Toye subscription days that come with it. Grab the offers like GDPR, DMI and CRM.


1. When you get your Award ticket something in you changes. A fire is ignited and you start to move at a pace you have never moved before because now you know that you must be a success story before the DBT Awards.

2. You tap into a force that has celebrated success for over 3 years. The anointing that comes with Spirit of success falls on you and doors start to open. I am confident many can confirm this. If not say it now.

3. You will meet success story owners and iron sharpens iron. A footman cannot run with horsemen and not get a horse.

4. You can’t complete the race if you are not on the track. The race to getting your success story before the DBT Awards has started and even if you are not a winner at the DBT Awards you will still finish the race and get your success story. In this race, people who finish the race wins not just the winner of the race.

5. What we do here is not natural. It can only be God, so understand that being a part of God’s plan is assurance that his plan for your life will truly become a reality in your life in this 2017.

I am looking forward to celebrating you all at this year’s 2017 DBT Awards.

Stay blessed and God bless.

Keji Giwa”



“Dear Keji,

I have been offered a new position and my agency require a references for the last three years and this includes my time with DBT.

I was an was an active member from Feb to Nov 2014.

Could you please provide me with a reference?

I have provided Venn group with this email so they will make a direct request.

Kind regards,

Sharday Morgan

Sent from my iPhone”


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