Jerry Is A Mentor Here At Career Insights And Here Is His Story


I joined Career Insight in November 2014 and I have to say it’s the best career move I’ve made. I wanted to go down the route of Project Management and was about studying for my Prince2 certification. But when I mentioned Career Insight to my brother who is a BA himself he advised me to go do the Career Insight training before going for any certification and I have to say it’s the best advice anyone has given me. Although I wanted to go into Project Management, I knew right from the first day that I wanted to be a BA (which was confirmed by the Personality test).
After the training I got on basecamp, rolled up my sleeves and really got my ‘hands dirty’. I joined the CI-Matrix project till it was completed and also the TAMF-iRobot project. I took on both PM and BA task to horne my skill in both areas. I got a lead role on the CI-Legacy 2 project until it was halted. Fortunately the Handyman project came on board and I felt it was tailored made as I was a super DIYer and a Part-time Handyman myself. I ‘took of my shirt’ and started ‘rolling in the mud’ where I now concentrated on perfecting my BA skill with the best Project team member I could ever ask for. I joined the revised mentoring session and thanks the help of Olyne and all I’ve learnt from CI/DBT I got a call on Friday from a recruiter got an interview with Medway Council on Tuesday and got a call 30 mins later that I got the Job. All I did was chat about all I’ve been doing at DBT. I was surprised myself as it was my first ever interview for a BA role which shows that DBT works. I fact the recruiter said that there were already 3 people at the council from DBT as it seems they were quite keen on people from DBT a fact the interviewer also confirmed.
I’ll use this medium to thank Olyne for her wonderful mentoring skill, all the BA Mentors who keep passing valuable knowledge to us, Ola our amiable Senior BA who keeps pushing all the BAs in the house, and the constant attention of The Programme Director Adore and Caroline who I’ve learnt so much from as I never miss the meetings with the PDs on Tuesdays. I can’t forget my wonderful Team members on the Handyman project: Aisha, Joba, Oga Charles, Sheba, Motunde, Tackela, Bussie, Omoze, Kayode, Abay, Titilayo Bolade, Erebi and others. Lastly but most importantly I’ll like to thank Keji for this wonderful platform that has allowed many to attain life changing careers. Its been a blessing to many of us. A last word from me as I sign out of my ‘epistle’, CI/DBT works as my story has proven. Please let us continue to put in the work and our success stories will all come sooner rather than later.


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