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So last night I decided to unwind and go out drinking in town. Every bar I went into, I saw a great deal of my candidates, thanking me for a great job well done.

At some point, I was like: “common I just want to chill”, until yet another one of my candidates approached me and said:

“Hey Keji, how you doing? Fancy seeing you here. By the way I can’t login into my career insights account and I need to get on projects”

I was like: “What the….., I am in a flipping bar, call the tech team on Monday”

Now everyone has been complaining about the TV screen we use for training being too small, so before someone goes approaching me again about that in another bar, here you go!

You can see the before and after photos.

Like it?

We are going from this:

11855626_10153485788809043_7232772858542502466_nTo this:



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