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The most inspiring success story yet:


“Long post alert but believe me, it’s worth the read (if I say so myself ) cos I think I am overdue raving about DBT. A little background to my story. I am one of those people that if someone said it’s sunny outside, I need to go check. Yep one of the doubting thomases of the world!! So, I surprised even myself when I decided to give CI a try after 2 years of knowing about it. (What a waste of a whole 2 years!! I joined CI in Nov 2016 during my maternity leave hoping to up my skills and move into a new role by the end of my maternity leave. I was hopeful however still a bit doubtful. I attended the 4 weekend sessions with Adore, Caroline, Ayo Nunu and Keji and was like a sponge absorbing water. I couldn’t seem to get enough! I watched all the videos and even joined and volunteered for some project tasks before even finishing the training. I joined the MOF-ORM project and got my hands really dirty as they say.

Fantastic professionals on that project. They knew their stuff! The likes of Godwin Okoduwa (who offered me my first BA role – you are one in a million and you MUST win best BA at the Awards), Sheila Egbujie, Dom Delli Carri, Ugochi Okezie to name a few. I really learnt a lot from you all. Unfortunately, the project got halted and it was like the death of a loved one for me. I was so demoralized and stopped everything DBT/CI for a while and was just waiting for my subscription to run out.

All this while, I had been applying for jobs and getting interviews cos I had used Keji’s tips on creating CVs but I just wasn’t getting any offers. So, I was ready to give up and write off DBT/CI as not for me. Then the glitch happened aka “David devilchild” and Keji was giving 30 days!! That became my kick up the proverbial backside and I reactivated myself and saw it as my second chance. Started attending meetings, watching videos and volunteering for tasks again and got a PM role!! Then also I got the indeed smart one Jide Adeoye as my mentor and the quietly powerful Adore Shuko as my preceptor (what more could a girl want). I started applying again and got 3 interviews. The first I attended went so well that before I got home on the day, the recruitment manager invited me for the a 2nd stage interview with the directors. The 2nd stage interview became a chat as I was asking questions and proffering solutions before they finished talking. That was 2 Fridays ago. The 2nd job interview I went for was on Tuesday and it was great as well. It ended with them introducing me to staff I will be working with but needed to speak to someone to finalize things so they said they will let me know on Friday (today). As I was leaving the 2nd job interview, got a call from the 1st job interview’s recruitment manager to say they will like to offer me a role but not the one I applied for (Junior IT PM) but IT Project Manager cos the directors were very impressed with me.

I had the 3rd job interview today and before going, I got a call from the 2nd job interview to say they wanted to offer me the role so I went to my 3rd job interview on a cloud TEN! That too was a chat and before I got home, I got the offer. So, I got the best problem EVER!! Deciding which role to go for!!!

Sorry about the long read but needed to inspire someone badly and rave about DBT. No one on this platform is going to come and hold your hand, it’s all on you. You will get deflated. Things will not happen the way you want but keep the faith, keep the struggle, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. All thanks to God for letting me see the bigger picture to not give up hope (even if it was that of a mustard seed) and for giving Keji the vision to create such an amazing vessel to change people’s lives. Yep I ain’t a doubter no more!!!! Thanks to my Tapify project family for their patience and understanding whilst I was attending my interviews.

To every success storyteller, thanks for the inspiration and helping to fan the sometimes weak flame. To everyone still not sure about the journey and anxious for their own story, please keep the struggle, keep the faith, there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Still not decided yet. waiting for some perks confirmation first

Capita Transformation – IT Project Manager, Cancer Research UK – Senior PMO Analyst and Yodel – PMO Manager. All about the same package”




How do we guarantee high paying jobs here at Career Insights?

1. You take your digital personality test

2. We provide hands on training with practical work experience working on digital live projects

3. You get mentored to prepare your CV plus interview preparation.

4. You go for job interview and secure the job

5. You request a reference from us.

*Provided you do the work and get your hands dirty, success is guaranteed. Just like this success story that is now requesting a reference:


Be inspired 


“Hello Keji,Trust you are keeping well. Just left a voice mail. I will require a reference from you and the details as follows;

From Dec 2015 – Present

Position PMO Lead

I got a job with the Ministry of Justice as a PMO Officer.

Will appreciate if you can acknowledge this…”


Then I ask and check their activities on our collaborative platforms


“Yes of course, in fact I dedicated 9 months to the DigiAfric-Digital project.I was PMO Lead and was instrumental to putting structure in place before I left..

Sorry I meant December 2016 – Present. The reference form is just a simple form that you need to fill and submit to the agency.It only needs information as to the period I worked with DBT and my role and I believe just describing my attributes. That’s all!I will give them your details:I believe it’s

Please kindly confirm if this is correct?”


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