Nigerians are Securing High Paying Digital Business Analyst Roles

Nigerians are securing Digital BA roles.

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“Boss Good evening

The devil is a liar!

Just in: I got a BA role with an Insurance Company in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian candidate

I joined DBT in April,2017. I did the personality test and. it told me I’m hybrid. Immediately I started watching Both PM and BA videos.However,I easily took to the BA sides of things like duck to water and I got both my hands and feet really dirty.I worked on the FBN APP 2 project,DX Mobile, and digital talent where I was most active.

However,When I felt I was ready to get a job,I began applying and applying both in the UK and Nigeria. I applied on virtually every job board! But no job was coming.I was getting desperate.Then I began to doubt my initial convictions that opportunities for BA roles exist in Nigeria.I had to take a break and decided to toe the Digital Marketing path because I felt that’s where the opportunities are.

Ladies and gentlemen ,just when My mind was no more thinking about BA,suddenly Godwin Okoduwa hit me up and informed me that an Insurance Company was in need of a BA to help them implement a solution, and who came to his mind?me!

I went in for the interview and nailed it. In a few days time,I will be assuming office as their Digital BA”



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