October 2014: Niyi Ashaolu Secures A Project Coordinator Role With Computacenter

computacentre-logoHi Keji

Bit of good news for you. Let’s just state straight off the bat that this is not the glam job we all aspire to, but as testament to the beautiful work you’re doing, I’m pleased to announce that I have secured a job in the Project Practise team of my current employer, Computacenter.

I have only worked on Project Epic and more recently a little bit on Project Phantom too since my 5-day course in the last week of July 2014. The little I have picked up from these two projects was more than sufficient to win the confidence of the three resource managers I came across during the interview process.

I’m seeing and using this as an opportunity to consolidate the principles I’ve picked up from CI and DBT and would like to thank you immensely indeed for the opportunity you have given us all to learn. Thank you so much and may God continually bless the work of your hands.

Niyi Ashaolu

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Let’s see what Niyi was up to at DBT:

Screenshot 2014-10-19 11.34.46


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