November 2014 | Candidate Secures A Project Coordinator Role With Peabody

PeabodyDear Keji,
I am just following up our telephone conversation of Friday evening with my success story which adds to the long list of success stories coming out of Career Insights.
I joined Career Insights in November 2013 after been introduced by a close  friend who incidentally was also one of the success stories of CI and has been working as a portfolio analyst for Oxford university for the last 18 months.
After an intensive week training run by yourself and Ayo Nunu, I quickly joined Bourne identity project as the RAID lead and got my hands dirty on the project while also contributing to other projects such as the referral project, taking minutes, reviewing reports, and contributing to BA, planning, and RAID meetings.
I also made sure I attended sponsor briefings, used all the video resources, and attended several mentor meetings to pick up practical ideas and tips from people who had got jobs and were feeding back on live experience in the project management work space; all this helped no end as I was to find out eventually.
I initially found the going tough, especially as I worked full time like most CI candidates plus other extra curricular activities like church and of course family.
I however found the career insights “family” very helpful and supportive, especially my team members on Bourne identity, the Program Office (centre of excellence) and the sponsor (Keji) through various sponsor meetings, and online mentoring sessions.
I started applying for jobs as soon as I felt confident enough and calls started coming in from agencies; I was able to relate my experience at CI which was a massive help.
Nothing happened for a while and I got a bit down, but then I remember vividly seeing a message from Keji on my groups whatsspp service basically saying one should not give up, and that if you haven’t done anything for the first nine months of the year, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything for the next three, this fired me up again and I just believed God that this year 2014, will be my year of break through before it ends, I started applying again seriously and I had two interviews within a few weeks in the summer, the second one went very well and the panel said it was very close, this encouraged me even more.
I then got an interview with Peabody on the 11th of November for a Project coordinator role which I believe went very well, but I didn’t want to get up my hopes too much because of my experience with the previous two interviews.
The questions were all competency based, so you needed to know what you were talking about as you had to give real life work examples to back your answers; this is where my CI experience kicked in big time, I was able to use examples of issues we experienced on Bourne identity with resources, lessons learnt, and problems with design and development team amongst others.
The panel seemed quite happy with me, but I dared not raise my hopes too high!
They had told me they would get back to me by the end of the day, but I did not hear anything that day, or the day after, and I started to despair thinking “here we go again”.
However, on the Thursday after the interview, I got a missed call and a message to call their HR back, I called them and they advised they were very happy with my interview, and offered me the Job! I want to first of all give all praise and thanks to the Lord God almighty, my maker and provider, who makes everything happen, it is by his grace and abundant mercy that we get favor.
I will also like to thank you Keji, and the career insights team for the great work you do; training, empowering and encouraging people to achieve their dreams through a first class training organisation and provision of facilities and tools that prepare any committed and hardworking person to aim as high as they want to go.  You are indeed an inspiration by the practical example of your own life, and by the record of success stories that keep coming out of CI, well done, and I pray for God’s able hand to continue to be upon you and your organisation as you help shape peoples’ destinies.
I can not fail to mention my great guys at Bourne Identity – many thanks for the collaboration, the long nights, selfless support, encouragement and tired evenings, it was all worth it eventually!!
I pray that we will all have our success stories to tell sooner rather than later.
My encouragement to all is that even though the Lord makes things happen for us, you need to position yourself in the place where you are able to take that opportunity when it comes, by been diligent, and preparing yourself, don’t be like the 5 foolish virgins in the bible who were not ready for the groom and got locked out of the banquet! (Matthew 25:1-13)
If a career in project management is your passion/vision, you cannot get better preparation than coming through career insights, you will find all you need to succeed, you just need to bring yourself, and your commitment to hard work!
Good luck and God bless!

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