November 2014: Candidate Secures Role as ICT Programme Officer with Elmbridge Council

elmbridge-council-logoGood morning Keji,

I hope you are doing well? I have long awaited this opportunity. Finally it’s here!!

I owe you, Caroline, Adore, Olyne, Ola Ememerah, Eki Osehenye, Chinyere, Ginika (Gee), Maria Adu, Gifty Beckley, Stephen Nnaka and all the DBT family many thanks for the support and knowledge I acquired from you all.

In as much as your busy schedule prevented you from dealing with the issue I had with my mentor, I took it as a challenge to dig deep into the invaluable resources available on Basecamp and finally gained the confidence needed to pull through a challenging interview at Accenture.

Although I did not secure that role but a day after the interview, the recruiting manager called me to say that they have been deliberating on whom to give the position. He told me it was a close tie between me and another candidate and they had to toss the coin to reach a final decision. I felt really pleased hearing that from such an experienced professional and it really boosted my confidence.

That same day, I received an interview invite from Elmbridge Council and I realised my success story will be heard soon. After the interview, I knew I did well but I kept an open heart. To my surprise, a day after the interview I was offered the role as an ICT Programme Officer.

Keji, I am so grateful and may God bless you all abundantly.

Long live DBT!!


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