Now this is Amazing! Candidate Secures BA Role 28 Days of Relocating to Canada from Nigeria

Here’s an amazing one! Success story from Nigeria to Canada, Business Analyst role secured within 28 days of relocating-


“Hi Keji, success story loading from Canada. Lemi start by thanking you for the wonderful platform..
A bit of background: I was in Nigeria when I stumbled on the career insights ad on Instagram and I immediately signed up because i knew i was going to move to Canada soon. I had a good marketing job in Nigeria, pay was great, but I knew i wasnt fulfilling my full potentials as a human being and I was separated from my family for 3 years just because I was scared of being Jobless as the bread winner of the house.
A friend told me about business analysis and how big it was in canada so i decided to switch career lanes.
1) I read up every single article i could lay my hands on business analysis
2) I was always a silent listener in meetings and on projects but i was absorbing as much knowledge as i could.
3) I converted the knowledge to my marketing Job and projects I had done in the past.
I finally decided to relocate when i was comfortable i had the necessary skills.
Ladies and gentlemen It took me only 28days of applying and I landed a Job with a major company here in Canada as a business analyst. Salary is mind blowing +bonus+ paid vacations etc. I just want to thank God because he has been my helper, andl also everyone here. Keji thank you very much for this platform God bless u!!”



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