October 2014 | Benjamin Ukoh Secures A PMO Analyst Role With The NHS | We've Got Too Many Candidates At The NHS Now

NHS LogoHello Keji

How do you do? I have a good news for you and everyone. First interview! I got it!!!

Ive just been offered a PMO role with the NHS. I went for the interview yesterday and I was offered the job today. Keji I want to thank you so much from deep down my heart because when I first came into DBT, I had no project management or BA experience at all. But your platform and experience I gained over the past months, gave me the PM and BA knowledge and skills that I used to secure this job. Am sure my mum is dancing in heaven and thanking you too.

Thanks Adore, Caroline, Foluke, Olyne and Robert for all the BA & PM mentoring sessions for Ive been learning loads from you; and thanks to Ayo Nunu for the intensive week teachings and the Excel Mentoring. I knew nothing at all in Excel before joining. Thanks to my first project CI – Pacific RIM team, especially Kay Akinwande who was the BA Tech lead who was so excellent in leading us and I learnt for the first time about BA Tech requirements. Thanks also to my 2nd main project – NEED FOR SPEED team especially to Anifat Owoyomi who assigned me the first PM task to write status report for the first time. From there I kept working hard and was made the project deputy planner. Thanks also to Neil Bowman for your English lessons, I had to learn how to speak lolllll. In fact, when I realised DBT has got what I really needed in PM/BA, I had to resign from my previous NHS admin job, just to focus and learn the skills properly.

I need to use this opportunity also thank immensely my beloved CI – The Matrix team. I thank my lead PMO Abiodun Oluokun for assigning me tasks that helped me to be well grounded on PMO duties. In fact its this PMO post that challenged me and helped me to understand a lot about the basics of the entire PM/BA activities. I had the privilege to work with the great Otillia the PM who recently shared her success story; got a PM post and still has been leading the team very efficiently.

My dear O T I L L I AAAAAAAAAA, thank you sooo much for all the assistance. I really wanted to learn from you since you got the job at first interview, I have been motivated to learn from you especially after sharing your success story till I joined MATRIX team and progressed in the project which is now at the Implement and Test Stage. I normally take notes when Otillia speaks at general meetings and I admire her professionalism a lot. My PMO lead and I always seek advice from her and each time I had the opportunity to chat with her, Otillia gave me the insight of what am capable of. Otillia motivated me a lot and helped me gain confidence in myself. I nearly neglected this interview but because of the insight and guidelines from Otillia, I preceded to give it a trial. I was opportune to send my CV across to her and the way she transformed it is unbelievable. I just couldn’t leave her alone, she’s just too much. Ok let me not say much lollll but Keji please thank her for me please. She really played a role of a mentor here!!! We spoke before the interview and she advised me on how to get ready, to my surprise, they asked me exactly the same kind of questions that Otillia had earlier shared with me. In fact, the feedback I got from NHS was that even though I was not the best experience in that particular domain and didn’t score the highest, but due to the manner I demonstrated continuous personal development and past experience especially in DBT, they thought am best fit for the job which is quite challenging. Even though its PMO related but still has got some elements of BA stuff to do. Weldone Otillia I cant thank you enough. God bless you and sorry for all the numerous calls lolllll.

Thanks also to my other previous projects – CI Bourne Identity especially Ginika Onyeama and Maria Adu excellent PMOs). Im so excited Keji let me list them loll:

CI – Bourne Identity

Team Member


CI – Crowdfunding

Team Member

CI – Pacific Rim

Deputy Issue Report Lead

Meetings Team Member

BA Tech Team Member

CI – Referral System

Team Member

CI – The Matrix

Deputy PMO Lead

BA Team Member

Team Member

CI – Wall Street

Team Member

CI 2 – Paper Chase

Team Member in Scrum Meetings

Issue Report Team Member

EH – iOS


BA Team Member

DigiAfric – Money Train

BA Team Member

Report Team Member

Team Member

DigiAfric – The Professional

Deputy BA Tech Lead

DigiAfric – The Transporter

Team Member

Need For Speed

Deputy Planner

BA Team Member



BA Team Member

Project 24

Team Member

TAMF – Moneyball

Lead Planner

BA Team Member

TAMF – Resurrection

Team Member

TAMF – Trading Places

Team Member


Wall Street

Team Member


Team Member

Thanks also to my dear study and practice mate Ucheeeeeee Azubuike (MoneyTrain Guru) and may God bless you all. Thanks also to the STRETCH team for leariing together at the one week intensive session specially to Wole Ogunbiyi. Am still in DBT ohh because this is just an entry level. I pray for more good news to come for me and everyone in Jesus name – Amen! Long live Kejiiiiii Long live CI!!!! Long live DBT!!!


Benjamin Ukoh.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.40.12

Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.41.05

Let’s see what Ben was up to at DBT under the supervision of Otillia, a previous candidate who came back to mentor others while maintaining a Project Manager role at Queens Mary University.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.38.57

Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.39.08

I was full of joy to receive a whatsapp message from Otillia informing me that a candidate she took under her wings had just secured a PMO Analyst Role with the NHS:

photo (6)



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