October 2014: Candidate Secures An ICT Programme Officer Role With Elmbridge Council

elm_shield & text_rgb_357 [Converted] arial fontEarlier this month, we declared it a month completion & excellence. That is exactly what our candidates experienced.

Another candidate secures a Programme Officer role with Elmbridge Council.

As we move into the month of November 2014, the second to the last month of the year, we begin to prepare for 2015.

Many more will secure jobs before the end of this year and I will share them all with you

It is not too late for you. You can still make this year your year of completion.

Your degree was worth it, your masters degree was an investment you will certainly reap the benefits of and your professional qualifications counts.

All you need is practical work experience and we can give you that with all the support of a 1,400+ ecosystem of seasoned professionals in the field.

There is safety in numbers and progress is much quicker.

Join us, we are going places.

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