October 2014: Jennifer Secures A Business Analyst Role With RBS

social-media-rbs-bank-scotlandHi Keji,

Hope you are well and you had a good weekend!I have recently secured a role with RBS as a Business Process Analyst in Manchester and i have given your contact details as one of my references.Hope you are able to assist with this.
I would like to say thank you for all your support and the knowledge which you share/impact through your establishment.I had the training with CI end of Sept 2013, though i had a bit of experience being a BA, i was seeking more knowledge and was thinking to switch being a PM. Your advice to me on sticking with the BA direction did help.I have been on and off within the DBT space due to personal issues.However,I have been on a couple of projects;Pursuit of happiness, Need for speed, Wall street, CI Epic to name a few.Presently, part of the migration projects.
 I have particularly gained so much knowledge, not just from  the projects, the sponsor meetings, the mentoring sessions and intellectuals within the system;Caroline Aluko, Adore Shuko,Rob Smart,Olyne Mutambisi,Shola Abhulimen to name a few.I like to say a massive thank you to you and them all,keep up the good work,God bless you all and reward you immensely.DBT would continue to grow and be a successful/renowned organisation,Amen!
I cant forget to mention Timi, the mentor as i took up one of the packages when the mentoring program was introduced.She was so helpful with my CV in the multiple sessions i had with her. My gratitude to her as well.I did like to still remain a part of the system,so i would be in the background contributing in the little way i can.
I shall stop now, rather a long epistle!Once again, thank you and God bless.
Kind Regards,
Jennifer Ihekwaba
Let’s check out what Jennifer was up to at DBT:


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