October 2014: Tope Secures A Business Analyst Role With Nationwide

nationwide_203x150What you want is: Results! Results!! results!!! Our candidates have done it yet again. Join me in congratulating Tope for securing a Business Analyst role with Nationwide. Her efforts have finally paid off with some smashing results.

Here what our successful candidates had to do:

  1. Completed their intensive hands on training in project management and business analysis with Career Insights.
  2. Took our e-learning BA & PM personality test
  3. Joined our ecosystem of 1,400+ project management and business analysis professionals working on live projects
  4. Got their hands extremely dirty working on basecamp, using MS Sharepoint, MS Projects, MS Excel, Jira, Confluence, updating project reports and control documents.
  5. When they felt they were ready, they started applying for work and here are the results.


image (1)

Let’s see what Tope was up to at DBT:

Screenshot 2014-10-30 07.22.18


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