Oladiran Akingbade Secures A Role As A Project Manager for the UK Government Wales Office


This is my second success story although it should be the fourth as I have had two other roles before I start my new role on Monday 1st August
I joined DBT in May 2014 , after my training I joined CI Phantom and took on the role as PMO Lead in June and PM in January 2015 , I stepped down as PM for CI Phantom after securing a role as PMO at Department for Transport working on the Northern Transport Strategy Programme, the role ended in mid-January 2016 and two weeks later I was appointed Project Manager for UK Government wales Office where I managed programme activities for the introduction of the Wales Bill into the House of Parliament, this role ended on the 17th of June
I joined DBT to keep myself up to date with cutting edge projects and information on Project Management, I watched all the videos on Project Management and some of the BA videos. At every opportunity I attended and listened to all of the Sponsors meetings when they were held- keeping myself abreast with current information in project management
Although my background has been project management I ensured I understood and could apply all the project management methodologies and processes taught- please check basecamp 2 for the work I did in CI Phantom
When the Sponsor gave 75 % off to join the ework experience platform and said he was going to teach Digital Marketing projects, I immediately took up the offer because I wanted have the experience of working on these projects and also to be marketable. I joined the DTO Search and Analytics project- where am learning about google analytics and SEO Optimisation tools
The contract I have secured at the Department for Education started in June with my CV being sent down on the 6th of June , interview was on the 8th of July (interview was confirmed on 6th July ) I watched Adore and Adeshola’s Stakeholder Management video and listened to how to answer job interview questions on youtube. I read the job spec and description a couple of times and wrote down answers to potential questions.
At the interview I was asked questions on my experience, Governance, stakeholder management, organisation, planning and BAU. The last question was “ how do you keep your skills up to date” without thinking too much I said I am currently studying Digital projects – SEO Optimization for websites , social Media projects on how to increase traffic to your face book page or site to increase revenue for your business. One of the interviewers eyes popped open in amazement and said “we have an online project which is inflight”
I waited 11 working days before confirmation came through that I was successful as DFE held another interview for someone else on 22 July
ADVICE- Be encouraged, stay with the program, get your hands dirty, understand and apply all the processes, attend the sponsors meetings, and ask questions, get a mentor who can guide you
Careerinsights/ DBT is a place where everyone can develop skills in Project management and Business analysis and be successful at job interviews
God Bless Keji and the whole DBT family. Thank you
Sorry it’s long. If you have any questions just ask


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