Olaitan Inspires Everyone With Her Amazing Success Story

Once in a while, a candidate pays it forward by inspiring us all with their own amazing success story. This is probably the most inspiring success story we have ever had.

As we prepare to fly out and embark on a portfolio of programs / projects that will give our candidates the opportunity to break into the digital world within the banking sector, this came in a few yesterday.


Hi Keji ,

Sorry upfront for this long mail but I’m hoping it will help encourage someone. If you do decide to post this please take out the company I work for and the obvious projects that would give away where I work.

Not sure you still remember me but I did your course back in early 2011 and have since been working with ### first as a project analyst, then a assistant project manager and have worked in project manager capacity twice for periods of 3 months and 7months respectively on different projects,most recently from October to April on a service transition programme managing 3rd party transition(12) through SIT testing up go-live to a new service provider.

From May 2014 till now I have also been working as the programmes finance/ budget lead while putting finishing touches to the transition. My role mainly now involves budget forecasting, contract management and negotiations and liaising extensively with our commercial team.

I have been privileged to be involved in a varying range of projects cycle hire renovation, operations centre system upgrade , congestion charge increase and consultations and of course service systems transitions. Again apologies for the long mail but I just want to show the range of roles and projects I have been privileged to have since leaving you. It’s been very hard work but God has helped me especially as a mother . I will also confess it was hard at the beginning with a lot of sleepless nights, I felt like giving up on occasions in the first year cos the work was so full on but I stuck at it and I’m so grateful I did.

I have even met 2 people who have finished from a course with you who have the asked for my help and guidance to get new roles , I’m glad to say one got a role as a project analysts last year. Another person who didn’t attend your course but came in straight from Nigeria ,I was able to guide and now works as an assistant project manager with the NHS.

I am always so happy when I hear pple have gotten their jobs and I can only imagine how you feel with your numerous success stories. It’s so good helping someone else succeed.

I just got a call today from someone else who attended a training course but still needs help. Please let me stress I always send people to you because I believe what you provide cannot be replaced, it such a good foundation to build from. I can only thank you for being led to start this, I am a product of your obedience, thank you. I cannot say I have attained my highest heights and there is still much more I can do and become but I am much better now than where I was back in 2011. I thank God almighty for his grace and I thank you for giving me confidence to go for it.

I occasionally get sent jobs recruiters think I may be interested in and i thought I should pass it on to your candidates as it fits nicely with what you do. My little way of giving back.
Thank you once again.



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