Olaitan Secures Another PMO Analyst Role

practical work experience

Hi Keji,
God has done it again. I wish to thank you for the last minute coaching you provide I ahead of my interview. It was supposed to be a 2hr interview with an unseen presentation but I was there for almost 3hrs being drilled.
But I got the job as a project analyst. Once again I can not stress enough how good the course is I still refer to my work experience during the course at interviews and its always of interest to the interviewer because of the innovative ideas you had. More grace to you.
I would also say to everyone know exactly what you want and go for it . Don’t give up. I wanted to work with a particular company at a particular wage cos of the staff policies and flexible working and I got it. It took awhile (6months)but I did get it.
Don’t give up on your dreams, Pray , trust God. You will succeed.
Many thanksOlaitan


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