Olamide Secures A Project Manager Role With Computershare


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This just came in:


just want to let you know that I got an offer to work as a PM in the city and will of course need to obtain work reference from you…


Good afternoon Ola,

I wanted to thank you for taking to time on Monday to interview for the Project Manager vacancy. Both Malcolm and I were very pleased with the performance you gave, and I would like to offer you the position.

Pending your acceptance, I would be looking for you to start on Monday 3 August.

Understand there are things you may need to consider, so would appreciate if you could confirm one way or another by Monday morning, after which I will distribute further details and paperwork.

Kind regards,


I accepted the position yesterday afternoon after negotiating the initial salary offer which was eventually increased.


Project Manager with Computer share -a global financial administrator/consultant… It involves national and international travel to European countries especially Germany as they have a number of clients there..


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