June 2014: Oluwabunmi Secures A Project Officer Role In Nigeria With The British Council

corpGood day Keji,

Trust you are doing well.
I honestly don’t know where to start, I’m overwhelmed!
My decision to join the program at Digital Bananas has definitely paid off and ever since, all I did was wait on God for manifestation….He has come through for me!
I am grateful to God for your life and all you’re doing; your light will never go down, it will shine and shine till the perfect day…..*tears rolling down my face*.
I moved back to Nigeria in January(not like i wanted to…lol) and what I wanted the most was a job in an international organisation. Despite the distance and not being able to volunteer for tasks much as I would want (i’m still struggling with settling in) I still call-in to meetings, listen to learn and try to be a part of something much as I can. Every time I interviewed for a job all I display to the panels are knowledge and skills I gain on this platform everyday.
And this morning, the long awaited call came through… was British Council…job offer as a Project Officer *dancing azonto*!
Keji i’m grateful…sounds simple but those words are from the depth of my heart! You’v got an amazing team supporting you too…they are the best. By the way i’ll definitely get my big sis to send you a very fine wine and card in the post *winks*.
To the huge favor now, please I’ll need reference from you before the 1st of June. Apologies for the short notice, I understand you run a busy schedule. Please find attached copy of the job application form i submitted to British council and the referee’s form you need to fill and send back to me. I have also included a copy of my resume (done by the office) if you need to go through it.
I’m currently on Project 24, I was also on Pacific Rim and EH reach.
Looking forward to your response.
Thank you and God bless
Oluwabunmi Alake
Let’s have a look at what Oluwabunmi was up to at Digital Bananas Technology 

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