Once a Cleaner, this Candidate just Secured a Programme Controller Role with Rolls Royce using our eWorkexperience Platform

From Nigeria, to cleaner in UK to Programme Controller with Rolls Royce

“Hey Chiefo

How you dey today

This is my story

I got to this country 5yrs ago and I got a job at the hospital… I was cleaning floors and selling coffee but I was determined to step up… I wrote Prince2 and I got a CV.. I was getting like 3 to 4 calls per day from agencies and at least I had like two interviews per week but guess what, I was not getting the jobs

So one beautiful and faithful day, my wife stumbled upon Career insight on Facebook and she told me about it…that was around 2013 July – Aug.. I called the office and I got my self into the intensive class at a discounted price. I attended the classes and I remember you were very brutal back then. 😄

At the end of the week, I was put on the Tellallmyfriends project as the Raids team lead.. It’s was an experience as we had Raid meetings that lasted for over 4hrs everywhere.. And in December, I got my first role as a Project support office. The interview lasted for 20 mins and they even offered me the role before I got on the bus after the interview.

Everything I have learnt from being the Raids team lead paid off at the interview. I was on that role from Jan to June and they extended to Dec

And since then, I have been changing roles

Today I signed a 12 months contract with Rolls Royce

A programme controller role

I will be in charge of four projects

My advice to everybody is never self-disqualify yourself… You can achieve anything you want..

Getting a high paying role is based on what you can bring to the table.. Hiring managers want to know what you done and achieved in your previous roles. They want to listen to situations and how you dealt with it.. The more you get your hands dirty, the more you flow at the interview cos you wouldn’t have to lie about anything. Before career insight, I used to lie at interviews and eventually they always catch me but my first role was my first interview after career insight…I only spent like three months. I honestly wish I had stayed longer and gotten my hands more dirty,

I would have earned my current day rate two years ago”

Who is next? #kejigiwa #careerinsights #dbt   

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