Once you go DBT you don’t Go Back 😜

“Hello Keji . Here we go again. Another success story. This is not the first one and by God’s grace not going to be the last one. I was part of the e-commerce project OLEKU 1 & 2 then later to transcend campaign for Lola Odujirin where I acted as PMO and Project Coordinator. I learnt a whole lot of stuff on the project and has helped me all the way. I joined DBT in 2015 and worked alongside other experienced individuals. Now, I am enjoying all the fruits of the hard work we put in while in DBT. My first contract was with Bank of Ireland where I worked as a PMO analyst for over one year then another contract with ACCENTURE UK as Business Process Analyst and now the big one with another European Bank in the UK as Business Operations and Fraud SME. I would like to use this medium to say a very big thank you to you and everyone at DBT for the great job. Please keep me anonymous as the vetting process still on going. And to other delegates with DBT, I can assure you hard work pays.”


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