Our Candidates Are Making A Big Difference Within The Digital Space


She’s making big waves within the digital sphere at Hampton Court Palace and she’s one of our candidates, turned mentor and trainer after securing her first BA role.

You too can make a difference. It all starts with a simple decision.

Toyin will be available for a Q & A session this Saturday. Come and ask as many questions as you have to ask.

This is what she has to say about her project:


As part of the digital transformation programme I’m working on at the palace, I’m one of the facilitators of the Computer club which is aimed at introducing the benefits of digital technology to the palace employees, at large some of who have been there for years and years and might be a bit standoffish to digital change or improvement.

So everyday I look forward to adding value while making it a whole lot of fun for everyone as we introduce these changes.



You too can make a big difference and love doing what you do everyday.

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