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So the journey starts in September 2017
I was introduced to the platform by a couple who although never passed through CI was convinced this platform is the only place I could get the right training and work experience since I insisted on getting my hands dirty rather than blabbing my way to a job. So I signed up and Keji said come with your brains we’ll train you. But my first few weeks were rocky, surname got spelt wrongly, took three weeks to fix so got left behind by my group. While people were rolling the mud I was panicking on getting onboarding right. But not to despair I cracked on (thanks to Olamide). My first project meeting was a digi-search Adhoc meeting where I made my ignorance very obvious. Coming from a strict life science background I was not familiar with any of the terms used in project environment. Igwe was the BA and the team kept talking about HLR, so I asked what is HLR? High level requirement I was told, then I wanted to say what is so called but kept quiet and decided to ask google instead.
Fast forward I moved on to secure a lead role in Salesforce CS just after two months I joined the platform but the game changer was when I volunteered for a task given to two team mate by my PM Nike Nnadi . My intention was to hide behind these two and learn from them but all attempts to contact them to strategize on how to carry out the task proved futile. So I asked google again! and thought whatever my findings were would not be useful as others will do a better job. Alas! I was the only one that came back with tangible information which led to me engaging with a vendor talking about use cases and project environment. I got a confidence boost!. This vendor sent me some information about salesforce and CRM. I started digging deep, became a force to reckon with on my team. So the hard work began, I flipped myself in any direction sanely possible. It was tough on me and my family but the goal was to reach mentoring in maximum of 12 weeks. So I joined the BA strategy team, God bless the likes of Gina, Victor, George, Helen, Harry etc. I went from writing a horrible minute for Digi-talent to writing meeting’s minutes for BA strategy team with multiple projects presenting in a night.
I will never forget the first minutes I wrote for Digi-talent, it was meant to be approved by a lady called Funmilola, she saw the horrible job I did but when I asked for feedback she was very polite and asked me to go and watch the video Keji did on minutes writing. This single task would save me in the interview room recently as I was asked a question about meeting/workshop facilitation an aspect that Keji covered in details on that video. God bless her wherever she is and of course bless Keji too.
When I reached mentoring Babajide Arigbabu introduced me to my mentor Esther Okpala. Esther was just all I needed in a mentor, she came down to my level, took things one step at a time. Followed the whole process through never missed a session in training even if it means staying up till late. Esther would take a JD from me and asked me questions on every single line. After every session with her I have to go back and study. Esther would aske me a question and until I get the answer right I’ll keep repeating it. I remember vividly on the night before my last interview I messaged her and said I will not go for the interview because the job spec. stated 5 years of experience which I don’t have. She encouraged me and said you’ve got the hang of it now. You never can tell just go, use STAR. Show what you’ve got. I went I was completely amazed by how relaxed I was and how impressed they seemed. The rest is history, God took control and here we are.
I give glory to the almighty God for His grace and mercies .I have so many people to thank, people who have contributed to my success on the platform people like Igwe, Yinka Onasanya, Sandra Carew(Sandra corrected most of my reports on digi-search; God bless you), Folashade Olafimihan ,Terri Sillo, My friend Olamide; Bakinson, My lead QA and friend Omolola Bello, Nike Nnadi my PM (the one that gave me the opportunity to fly; God bless you) Dipo Thani(guys don’t come nicer than Dipo), Banks Dada (what more can I say, this guy is a fantastic guy crated time out of no time to help me; bless you) Babajide Arigbabu (thank you sir). Grace Chaps (for all those sleepless nights) Gina Emori, Sandra Malanda (if there’s a way to bottle your calmness I will and use it all the time) All the digi-search and Salesforce CS team. You guys are fantastic!. If I have left anyone out please forgive me. All the newbies who have asked me for help, you have kept me on my toes. God bless you and give you wonderful success stories. To those who are interviewing like Banks told me; keep pushing until there is a good offer on the table. To the newbies; keep rolling the mud, you’ll see the reward in due time. To Esther Okpala; my mentor , you are simply the best God bless you for your hard work, encouragement and support.
And to Keji, without you creating a platform like this there won’t be success stories so thank you very much. It’s only a man with a good heart that can discover an oil mine and call others to come and tap. I know the tough guy is a shield to a very soft and beautiful heart. God bless you Keji and perfect your ways IJN.

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