Our Digital eLearning & eWorkexperience Could Earn You Up To £11,000 A Month


We can guarantee you work experience that will empower you to earn up to £11,000 a month as a contractor and the best part is you can try it FREE from the convenience of your home.bb1


Get ready to change your life and pay package from the convenience of your home.

By January 2016 Career Insights is going 100% digital with our revolutionary eLearning & eWorkexperience with a robust collaborative platform on web and mobile.

Work on over 30 innovative digital projects and build your digital experience within the digital space and banking sector.


Imagine gaining practical work experience working as a digital project manager, business analyst, PMO Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager, Data Research Analyst, Digital Analyst, Program Manager or program / project planner on the move or in the comfort of your living room knowing that in 8-12 week you will be using the experience gained to apply for roles paying up to £11,000 per month.

We did it for over 300 candidates in 2015.

Get to know our parent company:

Imagine working within a 3,000 strong ecosystem of professionals with over 300 mentors waiting to support you.

The eLearning platform comes equipped a PM & BA personality test, practical video tutorials, assessment tools, KPIs to track your progress and personal mentoring that takes you from qualifying for mentoring to securing a job.

You can track your progress knowing exactly when it’s time to apply for work and having the right mentor to take you through your CV, prep you for job interviews and support you even after you have secured the job.

Your eWorkexperience platform allows for mobile collaboration anywhere at any time. Update others on your progress, tell everyone what you are working on, get applauds from your team mate, chat and update documents live.

We have also added cloud based project planning tools, requirement engineering tools, agile project management tools and they come fully equipped with collaborative features.

You will get the following:

1. 24hrs free access – Try it before you buy.
2. Split the cost – Pay only 15% of the cost to continue and only 35% 14 days later
3. YOU only pay the 50% balance when you secure your first role ELSE YOU DONT PAY A DIME.

Your work experience is guaranteed and your work reference is also guaranteed provided you do the work.

On the job support is also available with you designated mentor so you don’t get fired after securing such s life changing role.

With over 300 success stories in 2015, we are gunning for 500 success stories in 2016. Will you be one of them.

It’s as easy as making a simple decision to try it out for FREE!

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