Our Longest Success Story Ever! Candidate Secures Her First PMO Analyst Role

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Ok Keji, please am Mrs Annonymous

Where do start, hmmmmmmm: Sorry guys this is a long story but a manifestation/Testimony and one that shows that you must never give up. I might win the Oscars for the longest success story.

I joined CI on the 28th of Oct 2014, while I was on maternity leave. I can remember taking in everything Keji said @ the taster session, I paid in full immediately not just because Kejispun me but because I believed in his cause and promised myself that this time will definitely not fail.

I have been trying to leave my chemical engineering job for a while and venture into the project management world. I even got a small job within the public sector so as to put my toenail into the door, but guess it was not meant to be until I met Keji.

I must confess wasn’t quite sure if I was doing the right thing by putting that money down, but I thought apart from that money what else have I got to lose as long as I get the work experience which was why joined.

I started when my daughter was 4months old, my husband actually took a week off to look after my daughter while I was on the course. I was the leader of my team(innovator Team)and YES we WON. 

was pumped up and ready to go, I joined 3 projects, GODFATHER, HMC, TRANSCEND campaign, EQUALIZER & MATRIX, little did I know what I was getting myself into “ a whole lot of soup”.

took on roles as Minute taker, Project coordinator, PMOlead, report reviewer, Deputy PM, Deputy RAID lead, project planner , Progress report lead

I worked sooooo hard to take in all I can within the time frame i gave myself. Sometimes meetings will go long into the early hours of the morning and I have to wake up to take care of a toddler and a baby very early that same morning.

1st generation of the CRM project MATRIX was a blast, Otillia (PM) was a fantastic PM and role model.

Due to my situation, I wanted to get a job at all cost after 3months but looking back now I was not ready at all. 

dbt (445)I took Otillia as my mentor, I started looking for roles and Iwas lucky to get called for an interview for a role as a programme support officer (NHS). I was asked to create a plan and present at the interview, was also asked to take 2 aptitude test, I thought for £51K it was well worth it. 1stdisaster was that I was not ready, I kept thinking about everything on a project level.

2nd disaster : I got to the interview and was told the role has been given to someone else, and I was going to be interviewed for something else. Immediately my mind went blank.  One question that threw me off was “How do you put a process in place” for all i knew, we already had a process in place at CI, how to do that I had no clue. 

Anyways I was told that I got the highest with my project plan and presentation and the aptitude test but was quite weak with the competency questions, so like I said earlier I was not ready. But I did not give up, I told myself that, it happened once and would never happen again, although it still affected my confidence and I stopped applying.

I continued working hard on my projects, equalizer, matrix and others.

I went back to my old job and another disaster occurred, my company had to relocate outside London, which meant i was waking up at 4am and driving 125miles/day to get to work. I kept moaning and complaining to my fantastic Bekelandersbut they encouraged me to start looking again and pray so hard.

later I contacted Otillia and Tayo Richardss to inform them that I am ready this time.  They both gave me words of encouragement and boost I needed to start applying again. I started getting calls from agencies and secured PMO Analyst interview with a top IT Company which was 30mins from my home.

1st Round was preparing for the telephone interview, Otilliaand Tayo Richardss went through the job description point by point with me and explained whats required and i succeeded to the second round.

2nd Round: This time around the preparation was more detailed Otillia also sent me some interview questions and we went through it together. I made sure I made notes of the examples I was given and related it to some of the projects.

Both Tayo Richards and I went through the job description again the night before the interview with a tooth pick and she threw questions at me and expected me to give her a fantastic answer.

Otillia also called me the morning of the interview and prepped me on my way to the interview. After the interview Icalled Otillia and said hmmm i don’t think I did well at all, Icould not answer 1 question again “How do you motivate your team members and encourage others” I think I was just tired after series of questions.

Anyways to cut the long story short, I received a call 5pm that day offering me the role, I almost fainted and could not believe it, not only have i got a toe in the day I have my full legs through that door.

My testimony was that I had soooo many hurdles with my CV and references, please ensure you know your CV inside out and have proof to back it up, becareful of putting incorrect dates and ensure that the company hiring you wont call your current HR to ask for references that is if you have wrong titles and dates on your CV. Like I said mine was manifestation through GOD.

After 6 weeks of this and that, I started my role 3 weeks ago.

Otillia:  I don’t know how to thank you for your support and words of encouragement; you are indeed a gem a very good mentor indeed.

Keji thanks for creating this platform, even though I did my PRINCE2 before coming to CI, I was in search of work experience to put what have learnt in theory to practice, and you indeed created that platform for me.

But may I make a suggestion that will benefit you also. TayoRichards was never my mentor but she mentored me, and is still mentoring me. She helped through my search and interview process, sending me Jobs that was suited to my experience, Gave me a pre-induction session before I started work, not knowing that I won’t be given one, also helped with some of the task I was given and put me through the channels to take to be successful at them. I suggest you make her a MENTOR

Infact Tayo Richardss thanks for been my rock.

Gee/Quinet: All those interview questions and answer sessions we had paid off, thanks dearies.

Busayo Akinbeye: My able PM on Transcend Campaign, mwah thanks.

Olaitan Inekuku my offline google and able planner, more grease to your elbows thanks.

Callistus, how can I thank you, please kindly resurface o, we still want all those PMO/interview sessions you used to give, thanks for your words of encouragement, you showed me the full meaning on version control and naming standard, I can explain it in my dreams.

Oh My God, soooooo many people to hail. Ben (My able Matrix PMO Lead)Seun B, Debbie (PM Equalizer)Folashade (Project Coordinator Matrix), Tutu, Maria, Oluyinka, Jackson, Ayo, the 2 Toyin AjayisHettyBolatitoRaji, Jennifer, Oje, Victor, David Infact my whole Bekelanders and all Equalizer Alumni thanks.

Thanks All & THANK U KEJI

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