Our Mentors Are On Fire! Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role


Guess who just secured the big fat one?

And even better, guessed who mentored her?

Yep! You guessed as much, it’s Sandra again. That’s her third success story in 3 months as a mentor.

Our mentors are on fire!bb1

Check it out:

Ok, so I joined DBT in March 2015, had a passion to move from core IT to BA or PM and wanted an avenue to learn; I searched for a place I could do that and found DBT on Facebook.
I attended the training and joined projects but didn’t really get involved.
I guess I was a little complacent because I was already on a contract earning mid level daily rate.
My contract was renewed twice and each time with a pay raise but I wasn’t happy, I read success stories everyday and kept telling myself “I can do this, I can be a BA or PM”.
Long story, but I had to resign from my contract role in September and that’s when I knew I had to get serious.
I renewed my subscription, listened to all my videos and chose a mento

*a mentor, he was alright but only sent me a CV template asking me to do my CV and send it to him for review. I felt that’s not what I needed at the time as I was already getting a lot of calls and BA interviews with the CV I had, my challenge was getting the roles.
It was frustrating because I even had interviews with Facebook and got to final stage but didnt get an offer.
I was introduced to Sandra and she’s been of tremendous encouragement, having sessions with me and preparing me for my next BA role.
I’m now active in a project and I’m looking forward to going for my dream as a BA after this contract I’ve just signed.

Now it’s your turn.

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