Our Most Daring Project To Date | Project Transcend


This is by no doubt the most daring project we have ever taken on.

It’s so big we have had to break it down into a number of projects creating a portfolio of projects under the programme name Transcend.

The first African to fly round the globe on a single engine aircraft.

The sponsorships are starting to roll in and we have the full backing of the Nigerian government.

If you are interested in gaining practical work experience in the following projects with an opportunity to work with a number of multinational large corporations as we embark on this great venture then this is the best time to join us.


Here are just a few of projects you can get involved in:

1. Technical flight planning and management

4. iPhone and Android gaming app, track the entire flight, take on the adventure yourself, earn points and compete with others.

5. Online and social media strategy involving the highly interactive and engaging web and social media presence.

And so much more.

Racing Day

This is an opportunity to build apps for the likes of Samsung, learn how to secure major sponsorships from the likes of First Bank, GT bank and work on an integration project with etisalat as the app uses airtime to buy extra points.

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