Our Award Winning Past Candidate Helped Our New Candidate To Secure A Business Analyst Role


Remember the candidate who just got a BA role?

Well a previous candidate who secured a BA role last year after being celebrated at the DBT Awards for outstanding achievements mentored her.

Career Insights is like no other platform out there.

From February 2016, along with our hands on training, eLearning and live projects to work on, you will be able to choose from over 200 mentors working at major corporations such as Barclays, HSBC, Shell, RBS, Cisco, Oracle, Ford, Accenture and so much more.

When we told you 2016 is our year of exponential growth, did you think we were just having a laugh?

It is your right to want more out of life and to get it.

Get yours today!

Just helped someone get a BA role, permanent position paying over £50k

She will send her success story to you

Not a mentor, I am on the Alumni, remember I got my BA role after my award last yr

When you celebrated me so much, I got people asking for advice on interview Q&As, I may consider mentoring but it I know one of the criteria is to get one a job


Now it’s your turn.

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