Our Success Stories in July, be Inspired!

Here is my success story!

I became an employee (I refuse to use ‘candidate’) at DBT back in September 2016. My good friend Oluwakemi Hassan (God bless you) put my name forward for induction. I remember my first induction like it was yesterday; because on that day I knew my life had change for the better. I had a job at the time working in a Primary school teaching students with disability, but the pay did not reflect my hard work and on top of that my line managers did not appreciate me. After my first Saturday training, I QUIT my job the next Friday. Because suddenly, I no longer had a cheap price tag and DBT opened my eyes to what I could potentially be worth.

Firstly, I would like to thank you Keji Giwa, I take my hat off to you! This man is a guru, an inspiration, you truly know the secret of success. I met Keji during my training, and he became my mentor without him even knowing it. I followed each and every one of his instructions, and listened to him carefully. Thank you Adore and Caroline for the very interactive and life changing training. At the time of my training DBT just landed a massive project with the Federal government in the emerging market (NDIC), so I joined the NDIC project with some wonderful colleagues. Thank you Isoken Okoh, Mary Salami and Laura Stephen, you guys really made me feel welcomed right from day 1. I would volunteer for tasks even if I did not know what I was doing. The videos are definitely a must watch, I cannot stress this enough. They helped me complete tasks to high standards, even management noticed my work. Thank you Adeola Suberu, Leo Kuku Adeleke Eniola, Chuka Chuke, Romeo Obi and Felix Onyeugba for the amazing teamwork. Many people I started my training with are no longer with us, because people just like to complain about lack of time. I was hungry, I did not have the time to complain, complaining doesn’t get you anywhere it is just a lazy man’s excuse.

However, I suddenly realise that the project management team was moving too slow, so I started working ahead of them. I became Deputy BA lead within the first month of joining the project. At the same time, I became the BA facilitator on the CM- Exodus 2 project. This was clearly a team of professional and organised individuals; Narissa Nelson, Oluwakemi Hassan, Abiodun Gbadamosi, Bofilla, Folashade Adetunji, Monica, Tosin Olusanya, Godwin Okoduwa, Qasim and many more.

But, I really did not start working hard until I teamed up with an amazing SME (Ikenna Ekwuozor). Keji authorised him to come on the platform and give us a hand with the NDIC project deliverables. This amazing opportunity made me who I am today. My SME NDCI team mates, those sleepless nights have finally paid off! Oluwakemi Hassan, Olusola Adesoye, Funlayo Adeoye, Victoria Ogundare, Moses Oyedeji. We were hand-picked, trained and coached into becoming SME BA’s by fast tracking our learning. I take pride in my work, when I am up till 5am in the morning completing deliverables it must to be to the highest standards. My elite team (set up by Keji), Doye Biu @FortuneFavoursTheSmartandBrave and Oluwakemi Hassan salute ladies! Working hard is an understatement of what we are about! Keji did not name us Elite for no reason we earned it. I had the opportunity to work close with the Boss to complete deliverables. Until your body shuts down and you catch what we call the DBT flu, you are not working hard enough!

People, when I tell you DBT is not to be taking for a joke, I beg you hear me! DBT exposed me to so many industry tools that everyone is using or will like to use. When I explain to interviewers the kind of tools we use on DBT, some even go as far as asking me to come and train them. When recruiters call me for an interview, and I say no they get angry. I did not understand why, until one of them said “please just go so that my company can look good.” My skills, my training all gained on DBT puts me in a position that I can call directly and apply to the company and cut out the recruiter. I know what I am worth and I will not allow anybody to short change me. Don’t seem desperate it is not a good look, when I told them I have another offer, they push my application to the top of the pile. I remember an interview with TalkTalk, to be honest we didn’t even finish the interview because I started schooling them on digital transformation. Can you imagine these big companies don’t even know about the DX framework LOL.

All these haters making noise will not bring DBT down, because I am a living proof of how DBT can change your life. Your mentality must change, when you start to take this as your job rather than you are a candidate, when you go to interviews it would be natural you would not even need to rehearse, so long as you put in the work.

I save the best till last, the mentoring programme. Yetunde Kolawole, my amazing mentor, mentor is different from mentor. You cannot find a mentor like this outside of DBT for the price you pay, hands down! She has become more then a mentor, she is a friend. She tailors herself to suit everybody’s individual needs, her interview prep is 1st class.

See you all at the top.

Thank you to my sister Oluwabunmi Docemo!

It’s a Business Analyst / Solutions Analysts role with Reply. All I did to honest is talk about what we do at DBT nothing more seriously! The project is Digital Transformation with Primark and John Lewis”


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Finding a job is like being a BA with the project mandate being ‘get a job’, you learn the requirements and show that on your CV

“Keji, could you keep me and the company I’m working for Anonymous on any platform open to the public please! Thanks.

Here’s the story you wanted:

So my story actually began in Apr 2015, I joined DBT, I went to the office for 4 weekends. I learned a lot during those weekends but when I went home, I didn’t do any work on the platform. This was partly because I was tired from work and secondly the platform was a shamble and I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I was planning on quitting my job so that I could focus on getting work as a BA but then another contract that was paying more than what i was currently on was offered to me. Naturally, I followed the money and completely forgot about DBT. When i moved across to my new contract, I was doing a job that I found too repetitive and now I was doing the same thing at a higher rate. Eventually, I couldn’t do this anymore and quit my job. I tried going back to DBT in February this year however I only had access to some of the applications I previously had access to. I called up the office to find out why and I learned I needed to get subscription which wasn’t cheap so I joined on a free trial to see what the platform was like now. A lot had changed and improvements had been made. I was only going to get 3 months subscription which would have cost me £300 but at this point Keji had an offer going for newcomers which I couldn’t resist at £760ish and gave me 6 months subscription giving me more scope. There was someone else on the call who told Keji he had been on the platform and Keji’s words were “you shouldn’t have told me that” and therefore I listened to him and didn’t let him know then I had also been on the platform before and was able to benefit from the discount.

Being on the platform again, I couldn’t let this chance go to waste again therefore took on the advice given everywhere: get your hands dirty. I did just that and in the process I found out there were people on here that had so many different communication styles and it was all about adjusting to the situation. I have an issue with taking things face value and therefore I had to learn how to manage these colleagues whilst getting my learning in too! I adapted, learned and did what I felt was best for me. Where I was confused I sought help. Where I wasn’t given help, I found a way to rectify any issue I had and asked someone else or went ahead and paid the consequences later.

I feel as BA and in life this has to be essential. I prioritised myself first and where I felt I may be breaking a rule, I consulted first to see if what I was about to do was fine. I have gotten a job with an insurance software company now but I did this through trial and error and learning what was good/bad on my CV and making those changes (Finding a job is like being a BA with the project mandate being get a job, you learn the requirements and show that on your CV). I wanted to work in insurance/investment as this is where I am seeing the most number of high paying contracts appearing.

Most of these require experience which I also know I don’t have and couldn’t find on the platform when I was starting to look for work and therefore adjusted my expectations of my first role. I made some headway with a couple of interviews and found a role perfect for me but this is only just the beginning. I’ve still to use my mentorship and I will soon when I start looking for the big pound contracts in insurance in a few months.

The reasons why I am telling you these stories and plans are because I believe they serve an important purpose. This platform is amazing because there are so many problems and you can decide to shy away from problems, or you can get your hands dirty and leave a mark on this platform. Every single person has helped me on this platform and I want to thank everyone: those that have been extremely quiet during the meetings to those where we haven’t seen eye to eye on particular issues. I’m only going to send one special shout out to Uchenna – we joined around the same time and he has kept us accountable for our progress, helping each other with issues faced on the platform. I hope everyone finds what they’re looking for from this platform – except to those that just want to use the companies name in bad faith. Just think about why your saying what you’re saying, doing things your doing and if you’ve made judgements, do they serve a purpose – if not then scrap these as it will hinder your learning and progress. Listen to other people and ask yourself why are they saying that – either you have not understood something or they have not understood something – giving you an opportunity to develop your skills. You have to operate smartly on this platform otherwise you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and not get anything out of it. Try to look after yourself first so that you can look after others by doing that.

Make yourself accountable for the progress you’re achieving. Share any knowledge you have as this will only help yourself – I did this frequently and it only made me learn about the things I thought I knew but really didn’t. Being a BA is a form of Art – you become a great story teller in the process. Small steps take you far. This is just the beginning… I can’t wait to get to the top and I hope to see everyone there!!”


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“Hi Keji,

I have just been offered another role as a BA -User Experience in Dublin, but since is GDPR I need I will not be taking it, and by the way thanks for your reference.

The lord has been good to me, expecting more and greater favour though in the GDPR space😜”


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He has turned my mourning into dancing again, he has lifted my sorrow. I can’t stay silent, I must sing for his joy has come……….success story loading!!!!”

“Hi Keji, I spoke with you earlier to give you a ‘heads up’ to expect a Reference Request for me, as God has done this great miracle, another (long awaited) success story. Please keep me anonymous on all social media including all of Telegram due to the personal things I will mention to encourage others and also due to the fact I am going through security clearance for my new role.

I left the civil service October 2016 because I needed a change and a ‘boost’ career wise. I have been in project and programme management for a few years but I was bored and not being challenged in the role. After I left the civil service as a permanent staff, I wanted to go into contracting, where could go into work, do the job, not have to endure office politics etc like where I had left behind and started googling career coaching organisations while working on my CV.

I came across a video on you tube where this Nigerian guy was talking passionately about how many people are seeking employment in areas such as project management and even have qualifications up to Masters degree and have ended up working menial roles because they have no work experience. As a result he decided to start coaching people and had also started a business where you could join and gain valuable eWorkexperince.

Keji, you were that Nigerian guy I am speaking about!!!! Some thing just grabbed my attention about what you were saying. I then started google intense research, saw more of your you tube videos, found Career Insights……..and convinced this was what my career needed even though I was not new to project, programme, portfolio management I decided to go for it. I attended the 1 week intensive training with Ayo Nunu and Caroline in November 2016 and by December I had some how figured out Basecamp and joined Eagle Eye Project and started getting my hands dirty with reports. I joined ESP Project and got my hands dirty there. By Feb 2017 I had moved very quickly on eWorkexperience to being Mentored. I selected a mentor but she was not available but when she declined I thought to myself I should continue getting my hands dirty and build up more confidence in the Digital space because I found the whole experience a so interesting. I also decided to wait for the Mentor+ to be rolled out.

But I saw a role advertised by a fabulous Digital Agency in the silicon valley of London, Shoreditch, and loving the start ups around there I sent out my CV for the role of Product Planner in Feb 2017 just to see what would happen. They were impressed, could not believe I had just come into the digital arena in November and I had a Skype Interview. The Senior Product Manager’s feedback was positive but I did not get the role. I took it as an encouraging sign that I was headed in the right dirrction. That confirmed to me to keep learning. Meanwhile I had been living on my savings which were fast dwindling.

I am on the GDPR Project and did some project closure tasks on the VOIP Project, and then shortly after a family situation in March, a whole new personal battle started for me. I found it so hard to focus on tasks, attend meetings, it was just a huge battle, but I believe God who has given me this break through has also brought that situation to a close. That piece of information was for those of you out there who are facing some serious personal stuff. To people on the platform, please reach out to those who you are familiar with if you don’t hear from them or see them active for a while!!!!! No one knew what I was going through but some people who had not heard from me for a while reached out with a ‘hi, not heard from you in a while, hope all is well, this and that meeting is starting, will you join?’I found it comforting. Well some how I forced myself to keep trying to be active on the platform.

By April / May, I looked at my savings and started panicking but then worked on my CV and settled down to sending my CV out on Jobserve. I did not have a single response from recruitment agents. I was sending my CV out, tailoring my CV to roles, watched the videos on CV writing and when to send your CV that on the platform etc. I could not understand what was going on because the same CV with Digital Bananas on it, that I would use to apply for roles direct to the organisations would invite me for interviews!!!! Then there was the message from Keji about the quality of CVs being sent out by people on the platform, and I actually googled some recruitment sites and came across some CVs that people had submitted using DBT Then it became clear to me that I should just forget about contracting and face writing applications direct to organisations, and include my CV. Looking for work is a job on it’s own!!!!

By June I was desperate………no income yet living on dwindling savings…..invited to 2 interviews but did not get any offers…….then I had to check myself and figure out why I was getting these interviews but no offers and realised I needed to change and improve my interview technique because these roles were competence based applications and interviews. Come July, applying my new strategy and now desparate to have income coming in, I sent out 6 competence based applications for roles, all included my DBT CV, and I was invited for 4 interviews, and offered this role. I have 2 more interviews to attend (really…….), and I declined to attend 1 interview after I was offered this role. The role is with a Govt Dept as a Project Manager on their Digital Transformation Programme, with some elements of GDPR. This particular interview was tough because I had a weekend to prepare a 10min presentation. I faced a panel of 3, each asked me 2 tough competence questions making 6 in all.

But the turning point was my CV …..they just kept asking about DBT, what does DBT do, what did I do (get my hands dirty), and they could see I just started brimming over with excitement about the experience I had gained at DBT. Then I started talking about our famous WAGILE and they were blown, then when I went on to explain that it is now SWAGILE becos our Digital Transformation has evolved to include SAFe they were speechless. Then I also told them PRINCE2 never left the scene at DBT they enjoyed my sense of humour. That was a 1hour interview. Then a week later, where I was preparing for my next interview, they invited me back for an infomal discussion, that a senior manager who was not on the interview panel wanted to meet me.

I went for the meeting, he and the lady who led the interview got me a coffee, then when we were all comfortable he said ‘Yes, thank you for coming back. Your CV, it’s really interesting, tell me about where you currently work, Digital Bananas Technology’. So I smiled and replied ‘we are crazy about all things digital, and that if he can see me excited, it is the excitement I picked up from our CEO who is on a mission to make digital evangelists out of his staff’. And we talked about difficult stakeholders across Govt Depts who don’t buy into Digital. I gave advice and ‘thinking out of the box’ ideas on how to get them engaged and they were actually taking notes as I talked. We talked and talked………….for 1hour 30mins.

I got the phone call offer the next day, when I was about to come and ask Keji for a loan so that I could pay my rent for Sept ’till I got a job. Yes I had become cash strapped but this God!!!!! God is not asleep. When it is hard and we can’t see the way out and we are praising and praying steadfastly. God is not asleep. I know. My advice is to revisit why you are on the platform; re-capture the vision Keji is trying to relay if you have lost sight of it; be patient and only put yourself on the job hunt trail when you know in your heart of hearts that you are ready and you can back up anything you say at interview. Most of all have a passion for and be bananas about all things digital……….It is infectious in a good way. Sorry this is so long, but I felt I would be doing others who need the pep talk a disservice if I did not put in some detail. Again Keji, please keep me anonymous on all social media including Telegram due to the personal info in my success story and also due to awaiting security clearance for my role.”









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At this stage, we think it’s fair to say when you think of career progression, think Career Insights.


“Hello Keji,

I need your prompt response to a request from my agency on behalf of BP who has just offered me a fixed term contract within the organisation.

Thank you for providing me with a solid background and invaluable experience in project management This has given me leverage to take up roles within renowned organisations. There’s no telling that you are doing a wonderful job!

Kind Regards


Sent from my iPhone”


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He got his success story in less than a month!

“Hi Keji,
Success story loading, just got a call with an offer whilst on the Golf Course.
I’m opting to remain anonymous please.

Remember the interview I told you about and you said to contact Ola or George….

I just started on the 21st June, I went for the interview the day you came back from Naija…

I’ll share my success with all on telegram, just trying to finish this round of golf’”




If this doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will

“Here is my Success Story quite long but inspiring.
According to Denzel Washington, ‘Take chances, professionally. Don’t be afraid to fail.’ ‘Don’t be afraid to dream big, but remember dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment. So have dreams but have goals.’
I heard about DBT from a friend and I did my research on Facebook too. I was so excited and informed my darling hubby about DBT. He has been so supportive and offered to go with me. We both attended the intro session in the London Office while my darling mum (God bless her so much) stayed with my kids at home. We listened to Keji and my hubby said let’s go and pay, I like what I hear. Ibiye (a previous DBT staff took payment and she was so encouraging and supportive).
I started my 4 weeks training August/Sept 2016 and immediately I joined some projects and started attending meetings while my 8 years old twins took care of their little brother who is under 2 until Daddy is back or Mummy is done. God bless them for understanding mummy had to do this. I joined NDIC and I was nominated the Knowledge executive by the Management team, Search Marketing and Analytics – Minute lead, Phantom – BA facilitator to name a few. A role for a Project Manager came up and I said I will give it a go, and I got the role as a PM for BOT FAQ which really helped me learn a lot.
Any failed interview was a learning curve for me but to be honest, I had days I would be so depressed and want to give up applying but I just couldn’t because I knew what I wanted and support from my great family and DBT friends kept me going.
I would love to say thank you to my darling friend from Sec School Efe Oragbon, who I referred to DBT and she got a job in June 2017. I told her mine would be in July and Yes we serve a living God, he knows best. A big thank you to my mentor, Uncle Jerry Okorie, who trained me on Web Analytics which has massively expanded my analytical mindset and positioned me as a data-driven PMO. I would also love to thank my lovely DBT sisters and brothers: Mariam Onikoyi(my DBT personal adviser), Ade Balogun(my DBT big bro), Adetayo Mosaku-Johnson(my DBT twins sister), Bimbo Omokhuale, Maduka Emeagi(my DBT teacher ), Olufunmi Dosumu (my NDIC and BOT FAQ ride n die chick), Leo Kuku, Maranatha, Olaide, Martin Major, Kemi Oluwole, Oluwakemi Hassan, Funmilayo Ayotebi, Marian, Christiana Egbule, Abigail Raphael-Owolabi , Laura Stephen, Aderonke Ajibabi(my DBT mummy), Rebecca David, Chinwoke Nwafor, Sandra Sule, Chris Jatto, Segun Adeosun, Sandra Malanda, Rachel Soyombo, Oludare Olorunfemi and Adebayo Adewunmi. I have left some names out but I sincerely appreciate all your encouragement and motivation. I would also like to thank Bolade Fajuyitan and Jide Adeoye who mentored me. I would not stop telling people about DBT, Keji this platform does work, my advice to others is just keep applying, God knows what is best for your circumstance. #DBTRocks #WeAreStrongerTogether.
My prayer was to get a job latest July, all thanks be to GOD. My birthday was on Monday but I was reading for my interview the next day. I had an hour interview with the Programme Manager and the Senior Project Manager for a large IT and Engineering Company. They were so impressed and I had the feeling they liked me. After the interview, they offered to give me a tour and told me all the benefits that comes with the role. Got an email today from HR to offer me the role. 5minutes drive away from home, how awesome is that.”

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Fresh graduate, now a PM/BA just

“Hello Prof, Prophet Keji, trust you are fine. I will share my success story with you on how I got a contract as the Project Manager and Business Analyst of a new project here in Nigeria worth N20million after joining career Insights.
I just arrived home.

I have always carried this passion of adding value any where I get to or any position I find myself. During my NYSC year, I was posted to a school but I wasn’t fulfilled as I my scope is beyond teaching, I applied to several organizations and as God will have it I got an offer from a consulting firm who told me they can’t afford my salary, I told them I am it will be a great pleasure working as an Intern. I was combining NYSC and the new work which was stressful but I was happy I am getting better. But as I am, there is still more to do, I started researching where to know more about BA and PM and I found CI. I joined and I enjoyed all the sessions.

My job was to attend to çlients of the organization. I introduced a model to the organization which increased their profitability growth rate of 20% to 40% in 3months. I was discussing with a client that asked about BA and PM, My analysis of BA from the experience on CI got the attention of a man that came for consultation, this man happens to be the real estate manager of Elizade, he interviewed me in my place of work and was fascinated and asked where did you get this knowledge from, I smiled and I said from a guru(Keji Giwa) and he gave me his card and scheduled a meeting the following week

I went to his office and I was surprised seeing executives waiting for me from oil sectors and telecommunications

I was told that I am to assume the post of a Business development manager due to the way I answered his questions and I got their requirements as my stakeholders and the business requirements.

After 1week of watching the requirement engineering videos, I went into action to develop a sound business plan in which as a matter of fact is workable and immediately they signed a cheque of 20m to start the project

They want to establish a consulting arm of the real estate firm and facilities management

I was astonished and today marks today marks my 100% in training on the eworking experience platform.

100% training yields 20m project in business development

I am so glad that despite the hurdles, God crowned my efforts with this project, this is the first ever project yielded money all others has been a Pro Bono service”




“I’ve been offered a position. Thank you Keji for this platform!

Sure. Let me write it up and I’ll send it.

It’s working with an Insurance/ Life Insurance / Investment software company called TCP. I’ll write out a proper story, I’ve always wanted to do that.

The title is an Analyst and I didn’t have any issues using DBT on my CV.”


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He got a job offer beyond what he ever dreamt of.. this could be your success story too. Be inspired

“Hello All
I would like to share my wonderful day I’m having.
2 years ago I join DBT after recommending to people without joining in myself. my wake call came after one of the people I recommended DBT to sent me a message that she got a job and the money was mind blowing.
I joined in and after slow start I got into the course actively the online meetings eventhough I don’t say much but do the listening.
Last Month at my work where I work as just section supervisor, I saw a vacancy at the head office which was senior BA job and I said to myself just apply.
After going through 3 different interviews and demonstrations I didn’t hear anything back from anyone UNTIL today when I had a phone call from the head office.
Ladies and Gentlemen on this platform I couldn’t believe what I heard from the other side of the phone and I kept asking the person to repeat what she just said.
I have been awarded the position not just for what I applied which was the senior BA but this job come with a CAR 🚘 of my choice, suit Allowance and pay i had never dreamt off.
Today as I’m sending this message I can boldly confirm that I am the new senior BA for Royal Mailing Group.
I just had to share this with everyone on this platform.
KG thank you so much and everyone that is this programme who shared thier knowledge and experience for me to build my confidence.
I haven’t even finished with the course yet and I have been awarded with this great opportunity. This world must watch out because this is just my beginning. God blessed anyone who is on this course.

KG I just applied for the job without even thinking I’m even going to get through to the interview. after three different interviews see me today

I dont know what do or say. my manager has come to congratulate me and now i am his manager in fact his big boss.”


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He did it in 4 weeks? Can you?

“I first knew about DBT in 2015 but was busy sorting out my second undergraduate degree. I concluslded my degree course in June, jumped into doing my Prince2 foundation and finally decided to join DBT straightaway because I have no more excuse. I started my training on the 10th July, which was to last till the 16th. Ayo Nunu trained us and on the second day he mentioned MOSCOW Analysis, which is essentially used to prioritise. I stopped him and said you have just given me what I needed. I told him I have gotten the value for the fee I paid for the training. I showed him some challenges I encountered in sorting some assessment interview questions

He told me what to do, explained how I should go about it and the kind of tools and number of teams needed to achieve the activities. I attended the Interview, draw out the plans and presented. To cut the story short, after the presentation, and bamboozling them with all he had told and taught us, they said “Hmmm, Ok, give us some time, relax and we will get back to you in a giffy”. I waited and the senior manager in charge of the AIM department came and said “they told me you are a business strategy oriented person in what they could see”, but I was advised to personally meet with you and discuss what our plans are.

In summary, we discussed about data and I told him I’m on a 10-week Data Analytics training with DBT and afterwards he gave options and I chose 3 out of 14 of them, and told me we will get in touch with you. I got a verbal job offer the next day 19th and on the 27th I signed the employment contract.

First, it is the grace of God. He directed me to join DBT at the right time, with the support of Ayo Nunu (Trainer) who helped and gave me the golden words during the training sessions.

My advise to everyone is look out for those keywords from the trainings, meetings and live projects that would distinguish you from the crowd when it is time to kick the ball rolling. Don’t look at the money, work smart not hard, and get the best out of all the tools available on this platform; then, the rest will be history.

Mr Keji you are the man, but your platform is the real deal😁👍🙈”


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“Morning Keji

Hope u and the entire DBT family r doing ok
It’s been a while we’ve not spoken or had a chat.
All the same it’s good news all d way.
I didn’t land a knew contract

But have been on a contract for 2 years running and d organisation still need my services

First thing first. Big thanks to God and DBT for providing d springboard which propelled me to this height I am today.

I started with a daily rate of £300 And within 2 years was able to negotiate up to £400 a day with d coy Mgt happy to keep me on.

Lesson for every candidate in DBT. When u find urself in a role. Don’t put money first. Strive to create a positive impact by ensuring punctuality to work, good relationship at every level of stakeholders and perform assigned tasks with utmost dedication.

With d above at d back of ur mind, u will not only succeed but excel.

Please make this post anonymous.

Will find time and call u before wkend.

Thanks and God bless.”



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What an incredible success story

“Hi Keji, I want to remain anonymous on this one. Just to let you know that I have secured a permanent position as a Senior BA. They interviewed 9 candidates and I was the 10th. The interview went so well they said a second stage interview was unnecessary. They said I was way superior to all the other candidates and were specifically blown away by my presentation which included the DBT Safe Wagile framework. So much so that they increased their initial salary bracket to ensure they secured me. Thanks to God, you, the DBT platform and DBT family. This would have been impossible without you all.
My first interview and my first offer since joining DBT”


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This is why you must not miss the DBT Awards! Connections and networking can change your career. Be inspired!

“Good morning Keji, trust you are keeping well. Have just secured my 2nd BA role with a data security company. I was referred to this company by a colleague/friend I worked with on the Oscar 2015 project. Will keep you posted with all the necessary details needed. Many thanks.”




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