Our Success Stories in October so Far…

Here’s an amazing one! Success story from Nigeria to Canada, Business Analyst role secured within 28 days of relocating-

“Hi Keji, success story loading from Canada. Lemi start by thanking you for the wonderful platform..
A bit of background: I was in Nigeria when I stumbled on the career insights ad on Instagram and I immediately signed up because i knew i was going to move to Canada soon. I had a good marketing job in Nigeria, pay was great, but I knew i wasnt fulfilling my full potentials as a human being and I was separated from my family for 3 years just because I was scared of being Jobless as the bread winner of the house.
A friend told me about business analysis and how big it was in canada so i decided to switch career lanes.
1) I read up every single article i could lay my hands on business analysis
2) I was always a silent listener in meetings and on projects but i was absorbing as much knowledge as i could.
3) I converted the knowledge to my marketing Job and projects I had done in the past.
I finally decided to relocate when i was comfortable i had the necessary skills.
Ladies and gentlemen It took me only 28days of applying and I landed a Job with a major company here in Canada as a business analyst. Salary is mind blowing +bonus+ paid vacations etc. I just want to thank God because he has been my helper, andl also everyone here. Keji thank you very much for this platform God bless u!!”


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This is what happens when you don’t give up. Be inspired..

“Hi Keji, I have secured a Project Support role at Cross Rail at Canary Wharf.:blush::blush::tada::tada: my agent should be contacting you for a reference this has been a long process, all Glory to God my success story will follow, need to take my time with this”


The full success story

“I started DBT August 2014 at the time I was fed up with my current job and desperately wanted to change career and wanted to go into project management. A friend at the time who is a project planner told me about Career Insights so I thought I would give them a try as I had no project management experience on a business level and saw this as a great opportunity. Although I completed the course in August 2014 I did not actually take part in projects until March 2015. My first project was TAMF- iRobot, the aim was to build an app where friends can list, buy, sell, give away items and offer services they have and request services they want. I became their minute taker and that was the start of my learning. The project was on their implement and test stage at the time. It wasn’t long before I became a scrum lead, but by June the project got halted this was so disheartening as I did not get the opportunity to see the app go live. I floated in between projects until I joined the Oscars-Award project, which was to create an optimised mobile responsive website. My role was a BA Facilitator and I managed to be on a project from intiate to deploy it was there I really got my hands dirty.

My project team became family as we worked alongside each day & night we were hungry to win and eager to learn, so many late nights. My ride and die, Doris Randall, my oga at top Hammed Sule, Nana Ama Akoto, Marufah, Olutola Onakade, Narrisa so many names to mention. We all met at the Oscars-Awards night where I was nomianted for my role as BA facilitator but I did not win but that’s was the beginning of all our friendships. After the success of the Oscar-Awards, I went on to work on the CI-Sherlock Project, I manage to get the role of Deputy Project Manager with Yomi being my PM he always encouraged me and pushed me he eventually left as he got his success story and I became the PM for the project but again this project got halted. I would like to thank, Yomi, Tina, Yemi, Delsola, Ufoma, Njagga, Bunma Docemo, Jummy, Sam Anya, Theodora Ojeke for all contributing to my journey in one way or another.
I have experienced highs and low at DBT it has definitely been a journey but I really want to encourage someone today as before I secured my Project Support role, I have had over 30 job interviews!!!! every time I would go for a job interview, I would prepare myself but when I would sit before the panel of interviewers I would get so nervious and my mind would go blank my voice would tremble and disappointment would follow. I would feel so bad and upset with myself as I rehearsed, prepared all the answers to the questions asked, but felt intimdiate by the interviewers. Everyone around me was getting their success stories and I would ask God when will it be my turn. As time went on I got better with dealing with my confidence and nerves so the moral of the story is NEVER GIVE UP you will definitely get your success story, God time is the best time. I would also like to thank Jide my passed mentor for his contributions and efforts, Adore for dealing with me with her tough love approach, all the times I presented to her as it made me more determined to succeed, Caroline, Femi Adedoyin, Ola Ememerha. Keji I just want to thank you for the massive opportunity you have provided I have watch DBT grow from strength to strength over the years you have a brilliant mind, may the good Lord continue to bless your hustle. To all my DBT family your success story is coming too just don’t give up and God will bless you too.”






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Be Inspired-

“Hi Keji,
I got a perm PMO Analyst role with NTT Data. I joined DBT December 2016 and I attended the 5 days intensive teaching then joined halted FHF project before securing a role of project coordinator for the now completed Basecamp 2 Integration project.
I learnt so much on that project and I worked with an amazing team, after the completion of the project, I got the role of a PMO Analyst for Programme office.
Then the learning continues, feedback every week to my programme and portfolio manager, engaging and liaising with project teams all these experiences came really handy during my both interviews, don’t ever think you are wasting your time and you will be grateful you got involved when you start to describe your roles and responsibilities during your interview.
At one point I got fed up, because I wanted it so badly but I realised that if I give up then why did I come here in the first place, so I remained focus and kept my eyes on the prize. With the help of God and all the amazing people around me I kept going and here it is.
Thanks Keji for the platform, My basecamp integration project manager Damola Adeyemi for letting me to spread my wings and learn at all cost, at that time I didn’t understand but I am grateful, Bolanle Antwi the PMO Analyst for FHF project taught me about report writing,Shola Oshiyemi for my programme office buddy, Caroline Aluko for a brilliant mentor plus session, the portfolio manager Femi Adedoyin,my programme manager Sandra Malanda and to everyone at the programme office.
My Advice is keep getting your hands dirty, and your success story is on the way.”




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Our candidates are raking in GDPR roles and we are super proud and excited!

“Hi Keji,
Just thought to share with you i have secured a new contract as Senior Business Analyst – GDPR for a multinational. Thank you.”



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It’s a 2-in-1 Role for this candidate!
“Hello, how has your day been? Pls I need to talk to you and it urgent. I have got good news.
I just got a contract and need to talk to you about it
CITB , construction industry training board.My agent offered £300 a day after the face to face interview but today she promised a review because they were excited about my performance.
I applied for the post of supplier manager, they are going through digital transformation and they needed someone who is in tune with that. During the telephone interview I mentioned I work for Dbt as a Business analyst, they were excited as They also needed a junior business analyst to start next January. So I have got 2 in 1.


I was really broke, I couldn’t afford the ticket, I kept reading ur early morning messages. I knew it will happen for me. I kept on congratulating others. I knew mine will come. Thanks for all the encouragement
Since last month, there is hardly any good news story I don’t congratulate
I will write my success story and send once I get the final contract hopefully this evening or tomorrow”

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The opportunities are out there, all you need to do is equip yourself with the right knowledge that put you at an advantage; you snooze, you lose.

“Good Morning Keji I am one of Harry mentee and working on the first group GDPR I have been offered a contract position as GDPR BA and they need some references. I will really appreciate if you can provide me with your best contact for reference. My success story will follow once the contract will be drawn on Thursday. I can’ thank you enough for this brilliant platform. My journey has been long but determination and perseverance is the key. Also I would like this to go official once I will be handled the contract on Thursday.”

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“Hi Keji, I hope you are having a great day. I just got a job offer and I will be using DBT as my reference.

Business Analyst with xxxxxx

first xxxxx in the UK in over 250 Years

they are new and it is owned by WorldPay Founder”

— — — — — —

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“Good morning Keji, I’ve been offered a years contract as a Senior Project Support Officer. I’m not sure what the process is for internal recruitment but just wanted to give you the heads up in case they contact you. Many thanks.”


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Don’t let your doubts hold you back, here’s another candidate who just got the perfect birthday gift- a career upgrade

“Praise God! It’s a perfect birthday present for me. As I was winding down my birth celebrations God decided to extend it for me. I’ve been offered a Business Analyst role in regulatory body. A friend introduced Career Insights to me back in November 2015 after making additional enquiries on DBT and CI through online search and company’s house (I’m one of the doubting Thomases), I made up my mind to sign up and I did the training in the London office the first week of January.

I got my hands very dirty with many projects Legend, BMP, CI Empire, Platform integration, DX SF Marketing, FBN APP 2
I met very wonderful people who helped my journey all the way to my success story. To these people I’m very grateful; Olugbenga Afolayan, Karo, Mallay, Tosin Ogundare, Olive Temilola Bada and my 4th January 2016 group
Gift Beckley you’re phenomenal at what you do and I say a big thank you. Finally, my mentor, Yvonne Hughes your selflessness in motivating me in particular, when everything points to the contrary, your interviews preps at short notice and prayers for all the mentees have yielded the desired result.
To all those on the CI platform asking when will my time come? Keep getting your ‘hands dirty’ never consider throwing in the towel and you shall surely have a wonderful story to tell.”



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When you know what you want and can see that lives are really being changed for the better on the eWorkexperience platform, no amount of negative comments will discourage you; she stood by what she believes in and now she’s secured her first role!

“I got a job offer as a project officer with Environmental agency. I had my interview on Monday which I was promised a feedback close of day, come Tuesday and Wednesday no reply, recruiter later called to let me know they wanted to interview me further on Thursday. Fed-back to my mentor, did a recap of interview questions with him and exactly what we talked about was what interviewer asked me. She was so impressed with my answers she offered me the job on the spot.
This is my first job offer since I joined DBT and I am so so happy, I am so excited because people used to tell my husband I was wasting my time so he banned me from renewing subscription. I knew what I wanted so I used to hide to join meetings, do task assigned to me didn’t want to be left out, just want to thank Bolade, Kemi Ademiju, Shola Oshiyemi,Akinyemi for encouragement and resources shared, Adetoyosi, Omolara and Akeem for tasks. Keji this platform is rich :+1:🏼, we are stronger together and I believe it.”


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Just days after the DBT Awards our candidates are at it again

Hi.. I got an offer on d role. God is at work. I started on d 27th of May after speaking to u on d phone some days before. The journey has been amazing and its all worth it. Its a PMO Project Assistant. I believe this is just a starting point for me and would continue on the platform to gain more experience and apply for higher roles. Thanks Keji… Will give u more details





Just days after the DBT Awards our candidates are at it again. It’s hos third success story so far….


“Keji this is to let you know I have been successful in an NHS band 5 Programme officer role. My name is Kwasi Boakye. This is my third success story. You can share this on Telegram but my name should be anonymous if you share this on XXXXXX.”


Yet Another Amazing Success Story, He Secured a Second Big Paying GDPR BA Role using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Hi Boss, I got another GDPR BA JOB

This time proper contracting
So I got the first Job which was 5 hours journey everyday, and under IR35 however I needed that entrance at least. I really want to Thank you again for this platform because after the sessions with Wale I kept on applying.

My experience in the council for the 2 weeks I worked really made me realize the amount of information and knowledge we are exposed too in DBT.

Back to the Interview day, I got there by 11 am and was interviewed by a lady in her 50s who I later discovered was the Owner of the recruitment agency, she was interviewing for a very important client of hers (I will keep them anonymous for now as they already getting questioning from clients in regards to GDPR). After about one and half hours of drilling (I mean it oh) she covered every area of my C.V before diving into GDPR she told me I will have to meet with her client the next week. However she then ask if had any other interview coming and I answered yes in 2 days. The next thing I heard was can you check if you could extend your train ticket let me quickly call my clients like right now to see if they can interview you today. Well 3 hours later I am in this board room with 3 people and list of questions being fired at me, well I started WALEING to best of my knowledge for another one hour or so.

You know it got to stage when I of the interviewers ask me a question the other replies to Him that my last answer already covered that questions lol.

Well after everything I got a call that same evening from the Agency that they are supposed to interview another person the next morning and they will let me know their decision after that, she however told me to pray to whatever God I know as the PM really liked my performance and He believes He can work with me.

Ok oh I set alarm sharp sharp, 2 am when the atmosphere is clear Bros I prayed, though it might sound sellfish but I immediately change the outcome of that interview with words to favour me only. I know you are a Man of Faith so will understand.

12: 30pm the next day I GOT THE CALL, she told they offered me the Job which was way over £400 a day for 6 months, that’s more than my one year income AS-IS. She then said please resign right now from your current Job, I got e-copies of the contract that same day which I did sign, got my start date of which I just completed my first week, they didn’t ask for referencing.

One thing I skipped was when she asked me of my plans for the next few years, I just TALKED KEJIs DIGITAL FUTURE, and she was like you must really be way ahead of time with such Big dreams.

Boss once I settle in and catch up (FINANCIALLY) am starting more trainings with DBT prefairably DIGITAL MARKETING OR BIG DATA.

There are certain facts I have come to believe about DBT
1. DBT is designed to suits everybody no matter how slow, fast or forgetful you are when it comes to learning.

2. DBT is more than a one off training experience, it’s a family people constantly working together to improve and maintain their life.

3. Whatever you spend in DBT both for subscription, additional trainings or whatever it may be, I can guarantee you that you will get it back in the 1 month of your first Job.

So my advice don’t think you are feeding KEJI by being on the platform because he has already sown his seed over the years and it’s harvest time for Him. After all I am another product of that seed. My life has been changed for the better boss and I want to thank you specially, and for the trainers and helpers of the vision – God bless you, especially those people that take time to answer general questions that’s thrown on the platforms by people who are probably stock at work or are about to go for interviews; OLUWA bless you all richly. And to those who are still looking for their 1st Entrance into the market, my advice is that you keep getting your hands dirty, or maybe if you are like me keep getting your eyes and ears dirty, I learn faster and remember

better that way :see_no_evil:



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Some opportunities may seem lost, but don’t be discouraged, be inspired-

“Hello Keji,
Do you remember few weeks ago, when I was given a Scrum Master/Digital Analyst offer but never got to sign the contract when the company told me they are putting the role on hold? You encouraged me that I should not worry and that you are certain that I will get another offer. I went ahead applying for other roles instead of waiting….…Yes, I have landed myself another Scrum Master role with Accenture to work with a Bank/Insurance company end client…..the journey continues. Many thanks to my Agile Coach, Temi Awere, my brother from another mother, he was so helpful day and night…Jide, The Smart one, my mentor of life, Thank You.… Thanks so much Keji for this wonder platform. Adore, Caroline, Oludare and Femi, I cant do without mentioning your names for the great value impacted in me…… You all are my source of inspiration….….Thanks a million and God bless you all richly.”


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When you come on our eWorkexperience platform and get your hands dirty,  your career can only go from nothing to major!

“Hi Keji, I would like to thank you so much for making me to be aware of what’s on trend and the opportunity.
I just got a confirmation for the role of Salesforce PM for interview I completed yesterday.
I didn’t know anything about Salesforce before your campaign, thanks so much. may Almighty God continue to enlarge you in all ways.”



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“Good day Keji, hope all is well. I was hoping you could reference me for the time I was at DBT (feb – sept 2017). I lead Dressence as the PM to implementation & test, whilst also contributing as part of the BA for Hackers. Although not official, my role in the latter can be corroborated by Chidi. Thank you, Kehinde Etti

I’m employed as a Security Consultant. Need to do pass my security checks.”


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“Good morning Keji

Please I would like to ask if I could use you as my reference. I got a job as an Integration Programme Support Analyst. It is in line with my training as a Java programmer. I am expecting your response. Thank you”


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September to remember, she got the perfect birthday gift using our eWorkexperience platform.

“Hi Keji

Praise God ! I asked God for a birthday present and received a perfect one . September ended with a pleasant testimony to remember-
Offered a Project Manager- PMO transformation , with an NHS CCG headquarters last Friday.
Interview commenced with a 10mins presentation and lasted for over an hour .
Drew experiences mostly from recent project GDPR .
This is my 3rd offer after joining DBT in June 2013 .
I will not be requiring reference from you .
Thanks for your vision to discover, develop and deploying individuals like myself to add value to the world .
God richly bless & continue to increase your territory.
Very grateful to my team and Douglas for the opportunity to lead and esp Wale (SME) & my boss Oludare for lending a helping hand anytime needed.
To Harry, Olutola , Grace & Gladness , i appreciate all the timely encouragement given, when I felt like I was sinking with the pressures of combining day job & managing a challenging project !
For those looking, please don’t loose focus of why you are on the platform and keep at it until you win!
Long live DBT and God continue to bless and keep us all.
May the rest of October be coloured with many more success stories :pray:🏽
I would like to be anonymous on all social media platforms please. Thanks”


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It’s his first role, and it’s a big one!

“I had an offer in Newcastle for a Senior Business Systems Analyst. This is my role and I have sent your contact details as reference. Please can you help me with this reference.”


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It can only get better being on the eWorkexperience plarform, it’s a 2-in-1 role for this candidate

“I got a job as a Lecturer in Project Management. Please can I get reference from you in regards to this.

“Good evening Keji & happy new month. Sorry I did not reply earlier, I was so busy over the week. Please here is my success story, kindly make me anonymous on all external social media platforms.

Please I would be needing reference from you asap. I just secured a role as Lecturer in Project Management and Head of project planning and control Department of a college here in the North West, where I am responsible for deploying Primavera P6 on an Apprenticeship Programme for a major client in the defence and automobile sector here in UK.

Thanks for setting up DBT. It’s an amazing work experience organisation.”


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“Hi Mr Keji Giwa sorry to be of bother to you but I’ve just got another job with MTRCROSSRAIL, since ,my last job with Heathrow Express was just over a year, they require a reference from you as one of my past employer, I gave them your work email but they did not get any reply. Would really appreciate it if you could assist with getting the reference sorted. Many thanks”


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A truly shocking and amazing success story, age really, is just a number!

“Hello Keji, Good Morning.
God is indeed wonderful. Please keep me anonymous on all Social Media platforms. I give God all the Glory. God blessed me with a wonderful new job in September , I start today. A GDPR BA role (Contract). My first BA role. This not the practice Success Story’s This is the real McCoy. I used to practice writing my success story, and some of them actually got sent by mistake haha lool…
It’s with a Global Finance company. It’s really a dream come true for me. For the first time in my life I am working in a role that I could only dream of, getting paid what I could only dream of. How? Where? Me !! I am still in shock!! I thank God for this platform and the visionary behind this platform, and all the people who give sacrificially to make it work.
You may be wondering why I am talking like this it’s because you don’t know my story. The first time I met Keji in the 5 day class I asked him a question “Can someone who is nearly 50yrs old get this kind of job you keep advertising on your website, because the people I see are all young” and he said “Our oldest candidate success story is 59 yrs old.” I was able to use this age thing to my advantage that I work in an environment where the majority are in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s. I talked about Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Big Data, Optimising CRM and about all the exciting things we do at DBT combining them with GDPR and how to come about solutions to the challenges they were facing. They could see that I was clued up haha lol. I learnt it all at DBT. They were impressed. The interview was really like having a conversation and I was surprised how interested they were, when they talked about challenges they were facing and I offered solutions that we had as a result of what I have learned here at DBT. I got the call that I had got the role within 40 mins of the interview. Amazing God!!
I joined DBT about April 2015 but left after 3 months, I was discouraged after all the projects that I joined were halted one after the other. I concluded that this whole thing doesn’t work.
I came back again in July 2016 after one of my 5 day classmates got a role and told me 4 others in my class had got roles.
I was now determined that DBT works, I determined to stick it through and work hard no matter what.
I joined DMI in October, led the Persona and Customer Journey mapping, questionnaires and survey for the Digital Transformation project. I in December I worked on DX – Data Centre. In March I joined DX GDPR. Challenging and very interesting.
I really want to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged me along this journey.
Keji thank you ever so much for this wonderful platform and I thank God for this wonderful vision that transforms peoples and families lives. I’ve got grown children and it was good for them to see the result of hard work they are so proud of me. All of them must come DBT hahaha lol. Seriously I mean it. Keji thank you for the many prophecies, words of inspiration and wisdom I believed all of them and I would always hold on to God’s promises, Keji’s words of inspiration and all the success stories and all the various contributions. These helped me to remain strong at some very low points. I haven’t worked at all since December 2016 so you can Imagine. Please never withhold a success story they are so important to so many people.
I want to thank Wale Omolere our SME. God bless you real good I can never thank you enough always ready to answer all my questions. Wale prepped me for interviews morning afternoon night, he always encouraged and supported me.
Thank you to Ola E my mentor plus mentor. I learnt so much, sometimes you just think you know so much I kid you not it was worth the investment.
My number 1 Oga, Harry my GDPR mentor. What can I say, Harry. Harry doesn’t talk too much but he told me 2 very important things. I saw the difference the first interview I did afterwards I got the job. Wale and Harry always had time to answer my questions anytime of the day.
I wanted to say thank you to Oludare, Oyinua and Adore. I’ve learnt so much from you, every area you would challenge me to look into I took them onboard, and worked on them. These really helped me at interviews.
Thank you to all my DX GDPR team members, Francis, Ade, Chuks, Grace, Yvonne, Ololade, Olutola, Douglas and all the team.
To Olive, Nkechi O, Essie, Mandona, Emmanuel Alo Joyce Luutu, Thanks so much for your consistent encouragement and support.
To Francis P for consistently pushing and pushing me every day to excel God will reward you with your own success story very soon.
My advice pls don’t give up, surround yourself with hungry people, positive people, hardworking people. Please get a mentor. It was only when I humbled myself and got a Mentor plus mentor and Domain specific mentor that I was able to get the extra help I needed to crossover and succeed. Harry’s advice helped me corrct what I had been doing wrong 4 months of interviewing. Ola E literally held my hand and taught me Digital transformation, combined with Digital Marketing and salesforce CRM. I was able apply GDPR to challenges they were talking about and come up with solutions. Companies just want people who can apply GDPR not just textbook answers when one recruiter told me 300 ppl were applying for the same role I knew I needed the extra help to stand out above the rest. Before that I just thought I didn’t need a mentor even though I qualified for one since April. Where else could I have learnt all this only here at DBT. Get your hands dirty as much as possible. Find something you enjoy it is easier to get involved in a project if you enjoy what you are doing. Pray Pray Pray and believe, hold on and don’t get distracted.
May God bless this wonderful platform with loads of success Stories. Keji may God expand your Vision to all corners of the Globe. I really hope my story inspires someone thanks so much God bless!!!”


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The beginning of a better Africa starting with Nigeria:

“Let me quickly say something. This will be my first time dropping comment here. I’m yet to be on the platform, but I must say I caught the vision right from the very first time I learnt about CI/DBT…
I have been here all along and I have read virtually all the testimonials and posts by the big boss Keji Giwa. Mine is veeeeery close because I am joining CI this month.
Two weeks ago a firm here in Lagos invited me for an interview… I saw lots of candidates, some even with better qualifications. I knew I had to pull this thing somehow or anyhow.
So it got to my turn to face the panel. Questions kept pouring in as I tried my best to give the best answers. Then I was asked what are my short term and long term goals. Amongst the answers I gave I observed they where caught when I mentioned becoming a business analyst and building capacity to take on PMO roles. Ask me if I knew anything on what I have mentioned…. Nothing!
So on how I’d go about achieving this I mentioned enrolling a course with Digital Banana Technologies… And that absolutely ended the interview that day… I was so glad I had said something different from what they have been hearing.
The next day, I received a call asking me if I’d like to work at their HQ in the island…. I accepted the offer, and now I’m undergoing my training .

My advice…

To those already on the platform, you are on the right path.
And for those like me, not yet on…don’t leave, you may regret it later, even if you came in by mistake… Stay! there is a revolution about to happen in this continent. I must be part of it.
Chichi expect my call again… Very soon.”


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He’s got multiple success stories since joining the eWorkexperience and he just secured a big one!

“This is not my first success story since joining DBT so I will keep it short and as simple as possible.
I joined DBT towards the end of 2014. Shortly after the classroom taught training I joined projects, firstly started off attending meetings, volunteering to take minutes, watched all the BA videos, interview prep videos (which helped me so much btw when I started to interview) and not too long into the journey I was appointed as a Deputy BA for tellallmyfriends IRobot (Android, IOS & Web)
I was also appointed as a QA lead during the implement and test stage for the project.

I eventually left the UK and was away for a while. Upon my return I secured my first BA role as a senior digital Business Analyst. I have worked on two contract BA roles and now secured my third contract.

My advise to everyone yet to have their story change is to stay focused, that’s the key. It is NOT EASY! You have to be ready to put in the work, else you might succeed in discouraging yourself. A lot of sort after tools that most companies use is being used in DBT, so that’s a really good added advantage. The networking and people you meet on the platform too is great advantage. Most people are always helpful. I personally made great friends from the platform and still do as securing roles hasn’t stopped me from collaborating and trying to join projects.
There’s always something new to learn and knowledge to acquire and share.

You have to know what you want and be willing to go get it! DBT is there to help you get there!”


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When candidates are playing with job roles as though it’s ludo you know God has showered Gis blessings upon us all.

Never leave this platform. Get your hands dirty.

It works!

“Morning Keji

Another success story loading,

Though I haven’t been very active with DBT but it’s laid a solid foundation for me and for that I am forever grateful

Yeah I recently got a role with Morgan Stanley but I’ve just interviewed with another bank this morning and they want to progress to the second interview, I’ll prefer the 2nd role that’s why I said it’s loading, so I will have definitive information at the end of the second interview.”


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Candidates securing roles multiple times using our eWorkexperience platform is one of our favorite things!

“Hello Keji

I hope you are having a great weekend and congrats on your launch

I was asked by an employer to send my references after my interview with him

This is my 4 BA role and 3rd contract since I joined DBT

Can I please give the Dbt contact? I think he wants a verbal reference too, is that possible?



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“Hi Keji
Just want to let you know that I have been offered another GDPR BA role with a consultancy firm as an associate member which mean I will be sent to client site to help with client GDPR work. I thank God for his mercy. I am loving it.”



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There goes another multiple job offer for one of our candidates, come onboard, get your hands dirty and your career will thank you for it!

“Hi Keji

I have some wonderful news to give to you. I got two job offers today as a GDPR Business Analyst. One with Bupa insurance and the other with Investec Asset Management. I went with Investec for obvious reasons lol.

I want to say a big thank you to you and the CI training team the training received from the various tutors was very helpful.

I also want to appreciate Akin, he mentored me and prepared me for the interview and was very patient with me.

May God continue to shower blessings upon you and prosper all that concerns you.”



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You really cant afford to give up, she didn’t and she got her career changing job

“Morning Keji how are you?
you might receive a reference request from Sapphire System for a Project Coordinator role (they will be training me to become a PM)..I almost gave up but you told me not to!!!Glory to God!!!Just 2 months ago I asked you for references for a temp admin role and today I am asking for a Project Coordinator one in a leading company.Thank you and God bless you.

Also congrats on opening the new office in Lagos!Glory to God!”



Our Digihub in Nigeria is Officially Commissioned!

This week we also had the soft launch of Digital Banana Technology’s Digital Hub at Onikan, Lagos, where the Lagos State Commissioner for Science & Technology, Honorable Olufemi Odubiyi along with the Lagos State Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs, Honorable Musiliu Folami came to officially commission the official launch of the hub.

It was an honor to have these honorable and distinguished government official support an initiative that will empower Nigerians with the right digital skills and create thousands of jobs, adding value to the economy.



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