Phase 1 complete! We are now ready for phase 2 — Mobilisation of Digital Landlord

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It started out as an idea, a concept that would give the average Joe a chance to have a piece of the pie in real estate investment opportunities. An idea on its own is useless without stakeholder buy-in and even when you have the buy-in of stakeholders, a well strategised and executed plan based on viability, sustainability and scalability is key to success.

First of all, as the Founder and CEO of Digital Landlord, Keji Giwa, I will like to open heartedly congratulate all the Tier 1 investors, the true dream makers who believed not in Digital Landlord’s vision alone but trusted me to run with the vision as you supported and contributed not just financially but with great insights on how best to proceed and make this vision a living reality.

We have now completed phase 1 of this promising investment portfolio and we are moving to the next phase on the road map which is to build the Digital Landlord investment & trading app and complete the final balance for the Sangotedo land.

If you are new to Digital Landlord, read our first article.

Phase 2-Mobilisation of Digital Landlord

Now that we have almost raised our first N90m for 3350 sqm of land in Sangotedo, it’s time to create the Digital Landlord mobile app and allow the everyday Joe to collectively invest as little as N100K to own a part of Nigeria’s first state of the art SMART homes.

What is a SMART home?

A SMART home is a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a smartphone enabling the home owner to mobilise & control his entire home appliances from anywhere in the world.

Powered by solar energy, we aim to reduce energy cost in powering the average Nigerian home by up to 60%, saving the home owner a fortune on a yearly basis.

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When driving into your drive way, you will open your electric gate using your smartphone. As you are stepping out of your car, you can unlock your doors, switch on your lights and check your security camera internally and externally.

The idea of a SMART home was a pretty easy one. If we are to call ourselves Digital Landlords, then why don’t we build digitally automated SMART homes.

Why SMART homes?

Digital bananas digital landlords

According to GFK, the key main reasons people want a SMART home are convenience and savings of time, money and energy.

If we are to also sell at premium and target high net-worth individuals, these features and benefits are a classic winner for the digitally savvy home buyer.

Considering space and comfort, we will be building 13- 14 four bedroom terrace town houses instead of 18 homes, however we will make up for it in the price tag of a SMART home. With 24–7 electricity, clean water, security, a shared gym, SPA and swimming pool combined with state of the art technology and contemporary luxury, we should see a very good ROI.

The Digital Landlord App

Digital bananas digital landlords

As we continue to go through an iterative development process, delivering in increments based on immediate business value and what we need to achieve at that point in time, you will notice that all Tier 1 investors can now login to the basic web version and see their investment, total amount of Annexcoins allocated and their capital gain.

Digital bananas digital landlords

We are now moving to Phase 2 of this project where you will be able to download the Digital Landlord app and track your investment, buy more Annexcoins and monitor the progress of the SMART home development program.

The app will also be available to Tier 2 investors who want to benefit from the early bed offer of buying Annexcoins at a cheaper rate before it’s adoption and popularity gains momentum. We will be meeting this Sunday the 28th of January 2018 to discuss the phase and carry everyone along.

Please register for Digital Landlord — Review & Next Phase on Jan 28, 2018 8:00 PM GMT at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Sangotedo Portfolio Update

Digital bananas digital landlords

To date we we have now raised N66,033,763
We now have a balance of N23,966,237
and we can now buy the extra 1000 sqm if we want.
Tier 1 investors who have already invested can still invest at N450K for 50 Annexcoins.
New investors as Tier 1 investors will be buying at an 29.3% increase from Monday as the land is now 33,000 p/sqm, plus admin and legal cost comes to 38,000 p/sqm

To recap:
Existing Tier 1 investors pay: N450K for 50 Annexcoins
While new Tier 1 investors pay: N581,850 for 50 Annexcoins

Please start making your balance payments or additional investments to:

Make sure you add your full name and the telephone number you used to register on Digital Landlord as reference so we can easily find your payment.

Deadline is the 5th of February 2018.

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