career insights business analyst or project manager test

When you come to Career Insights for work experience as a Business Analyst, you have the chance to work on an in-progress project, to have on-the-job training in a live environment and to put the skills you have learned in your training to use in an Agile/Scrum environment.

You will work on requirement gathering, requirement elicitation and validation, and requirements managing and analysis. You’ll gain experience in applying Process Improvement methodologies, including Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, TQM, Value Stream Mapping, Business Process Management and Capability Maturity Model Integration. You’ll have experience analysing, documenting and proposing result driven solutions for complex business areas in order to translate core business objectives into functional specifications, and write use cases, user stories. These procedures will allow you to get involved with technical design, test planning and, eventually, implementation.

In addition to these requirement gathering and process improvement skills that you will apply, you’ll also have the opportunity to create, organise and run workshops and meetings with everyone from the offshore developers to the stakeholders and the project creators themselves. You’ll have on-hand experience of defining requirements and project goals, as well as invaluable experience developing your teamwork and communication skills. These meetings will teach you how important communication is to the success of any project and the importance of rapport between each of the team members, as you are the link between the customer, the development team, and third party providers.

You’ll creating and justifying proposed business cases, translating business requirements into work flows and set deliverables while maintaining a seamless and constant communication channel between key stakeholders, program/project team and third party suppliers (both internal and external). You’ll be working closely with the Risk Assessment, Business Intelligence, Quality Assurance and Compliance team.

The practical work experience as a Business Analyst will give you vital experience in practising the technical skills you already possess, developing new expertise, and in communicating with other project members working in different areas.

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