Become a Project Manager with eWorkexperience

Career Insights offers its candidates invaluable work experience that will give you a look inside the world of project management.

Project Management
– We can give you the experience you need to run your own team in an Agile/Scrum environment using Prince 2 methodologies. If you want to become a Project Manager you’ll need a firm understanding of vital and sizeable issues such as budgeting, project financials and risk management, and the work experience offered by Career Insights allows you to get your hands dirty in a live work environment. The projects you will be working on are real and you’ll learn about methodologies including Waterfall and Wagile as you apply them to the project plans that Digital Bananas are currently working on. You’ll have the opportunity to take control of your team, working with fellow PMs and BAs while collaborating with the project stakeholders and creators, and prove to your colleagues and yourself that you have the confidence and the skills to manage a group of people working both in the office and remotely. Being a Project Manager means combining your knowledge of project management techniques, your ability to implement them, and your ability to marshal an effective and motivated team. There is no better training than practical work experience like the kind provided by Career Insights.

PMO Analyst – Get to grips with the PMO Analyst role with our work experience programme. You’ll gain experience of setting out a full project lifecycle from initiation to closure and RAIDs and RACI management while working in an Agile/Scrum environment. You will learn how to establish proper project governance, how to set out a detailed project framework and create a clear and comprehensive RAIDs document (Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies) to work from. The work experience you will gain with Career Insights allows you to apply the skills you have learned in the training in an active work environment while working on a live project. You will be monitoring, reporting and giving status updates on one of Digital Bananas’ own in-development software projects. This training gives you hands-on experience of handling a large, complicated project and making sure that everything from risks to timeframes are documented and accounted for.

Project Planner – Gain work experience as a Project Planner on one of Digital Bananas’ in-progress software projects. You will have to roll up your sleeves and throw yourself into a live project, putting your knowledge of MS project, Clarity Software to good use and giving you the chance to practise your project planning abilities. As the Project Planner you are responsible for making sure that the project manager and the stakeholders have the most up to date information to use in their decision making and creating a detailed and feasible project schedule. The Project Planner provides vital support to the Project Manager and their team and this work experience will show you exactly what that entails.

The work experience environment at Digital Bananas means that the data you are using is real and the decisions made are vital. Not only will you have the opportunity to develop your communication skills and practise your management techniques, you will also be able to apply your technical expertise and develop new ones.

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